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Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 205 -- Great Free Music Online

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Favorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere

During these halcyon days for marriage equality, the notion of a flamboyantly gay singer capturing the heart of the nation would seem a rather ho-hum affair. But what about back in the 1950s--and in a largely Muslim country?

Universally beloved across generations in Turkey, Zeki Müren, who died on stage in 1996 at the age of 64, was as adored an Anatolian performer as there ever was. Called the "Sun" of Turkish classical music, Müren's appearance became more effeminate as he got older and the Turkish (and Greek) multitudes loved him all the more. Like Liberace, to whom he has been endlessly compared,  Müren never volunteered revelations of his sexuality. But he never really hid it either, and the story of Turkey's universal devotion to him is endlessly fascinating. A two-disc collection of Müren's older, classical singing is available via the eminent Bodega Pop. A recording of "Hatıra," one of Müren's most popular songs, is included in the Turkish 45s bonanza leading off today's Motherlode.

[Lest you think Turkey is some sort of liberal sanctuary for progressive artists, read this.]


Turkish45sVarious  ~  Killer assortment of Turkish 45s

(Blog: Turkish Psychedelic Music 2)

Turkey Platters

Dig this trove of more than two dozen Turkish delights of the 45rpm variety. Wonderful performances by stars Selda, Cem Karaca, Edip Akbayram, Fikret Kizilok, Gökçen Kaynatan, Nese Karaböcek, Orhan Gencebay, and many more including one of my all-time favorites, Zeki Müren!

RapheRaphe Malik Quartet  ~  Live at the 1369 Jazz Club

(Blog: Different Perspectives in My Room)

Set Piece

"Taken from the last set of a two-night engagement at Boston's 1369 Club in 1984, Last Set is an amazing exercise in live free improvisation. It features the late free jazz icon Frank Wright, William Parker and Boston native Syd Smart, who all have crossed paths at various points. Malik had been using William Parker for quite some time in his bands. As well, Parker was a veteran of [Cecil] Taylor's bands, while leading some fine ones of his own. The only player here that maybe unfamiliar to some is Syd Smart, a longtime associate of Malik, teacher in the Cambridge area, and founder of Friends of Great Black Music Loft and the John Coltrane Memorial Concert. The disc is laid out over three tracks that vary in melody and style. Working all within the free idiom, the chops are blazing left and right. The centerpiece 'Companions #2' is a stellar 30-minute piece featuring some heavy blasting from Malik, wicked backbone and bow work from Parker, and an excellent skin workout from Smart. The track also features some unintelligible vocals from Wright that give the piece a bizarre but interesting charm. It's not really scatting or singing, but certainly a style of vocalization that seems to be all his own."  (Description from the liner notes, by Trevor MacLaren)


SinzaOrchestre Sinza  ~ 76

(Blog: El Rincon Del Hippie)

"Stupefying yet not Venomous"

"This is Orchestre Sinza, the mordant sound of their electric guitars is brought to expression in this wonderful front-cover image. See that vicious looking snake approaching the bass and suggesting a tension of some kind. Well, just play it and you'll understand. You'll feel a sense of intoxication, stupefying yet not venomous. I dare say, this LP belongs to the best ever posted at the Global Groove." [italics added]  (Description by Moos, at Global Groove)

[Originally shared by Moos at his amazing Global Grooves blog. The link there is dead, but El Rincon Del Hippie has the original GG link and art still available.]

BabydollKenyon Hopkins  ~  Baby Doll (Original Soundtrack)

(Blog: Hook's Gems)

Oh Baby

"Sometimes it all falls in place. The movie is one of my favorites, so twisted. Even the cover is a bit creepy. And who better to follow Cole Porter than Tennessee Williams?  Kenyon Hopkins soundtrack is the perfect foil to the film."  (Description by Hookfinger, at Hook's Gems)



AutryAutry Inman  ~  12 Country Hits

(Blog: Mr. Meadowlark's Music and Memories)

Party on the Coast

I challenge you to find a tune creepier than Inman's 1963 kidnapper ballad "My World 8x10."




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