03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Politicans Before the People, Always

Do you want to know why your government is not only failing you miserably, but putting your and the future of your children and grandchildren in great peril? Simple. Those who govern us don't care.

Harsh? The truth often is. Human nature dictates that the vast majority of our politicians will put their welfare or the good of their political party before the needs of their constituents, states or nation. It's called "self-preservation," and it's destroying our country from within.

Most children, at the earliest age they can understand and retain, are taught "Wrong is wrong," and "You have to be accountable for your actions." Your elected officials believe -- and preach -- that the other party is always wrong and they themselves should never be accountable for their failings.

As an independent conservative -- while the actions of both parties sicken me at times -- I am usually most repulsed by the loathsome and hypocritical misdeeds of the Republican Party, the continuing exploits of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford coming most quickly to mind.

After getting caught in a yearlong affair with a woman in Argentina, the governor's wife just decided -- unlike most political wives -- to file for divorce on the grounds of adultery. While she was understandably grabbing the moral high ground, the House Judiciary Committee in South Carolina chose "self-preservation" when it decided to kill a measure to impeach Sanford. Instead, they offered up a toothless resolution to "censure" the governor, a censure that states, in part, that Sanford "brought ridicule and dishonor to himself, the State of South Carolina, and to its citizens." A description that begs the question, What's it take to get booted out of office in the Palmetto State?

More than bringing "ridicule and dishonor" to the state, a number of political operatives I know believe that with his disappearing act to Argentina, Sanford was unambiguously in dereliction of his duties as governor. As the prurient details were playing out across the airwaves, I was wondering where the strong conservative and moral voices of Republican Sens. David Vitter (La.) and John Ensign (Nev.) were on the subject of adultery, as both men had once called for President Bill Clinton to resign for similar conduct. Whoops. As Ensign and Vitter had just signed long-term leases in the glass house of adultery, there would be no stones thrown at Sanford by them.

Fine. What say potential 2012 GOP candidates Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Mike Huckabee? While all three men strongly believe in "the sanctity of traditional marriage," their response to the adulterous conduct of Sanford, Vitter and Ensign has been mostly silence -- or the always lame, "It's a matter between them, their spouses and their states." Hardly profiles in courage from men who talk the talk on traditional values.

On the Democratic side of the aisle of ill repute, you have the likes of Gov. David Paterson of New York and Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois. When I asked a high-level Democratic friend of mine about these two, he said, "Better to have them disappear quietly than bring attention to their misconduct and hurt our franchise."

Wow. There it is in a nutshell. Both sides want to protect themselves or the "franchise" at all costs.

As this self-serving conduct thunders on unchecked, the world we all inhabit is becoming more unstable, more unpredictable and more dangerous by the day. Nature, disease and the real-life monsters in our midst tend to seek out the weakest points or individuals to attack, exploit or eradicate.

Weakness in our republic now reigns supreme. The American people deserve a better fate.