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AMI Seeks to Reward American Cities Embracing Mustached American Culture

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Following a two-year analysis of 100 U.S. cities, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) yesterday released a new White Paper naming Chicago as "America's Most 'Mustache-Friendly' City."

As a result, Chicago will be rewarded by playing host to AMI's annual 'Stache Bash 2011 charitable benefit on Friday, October 28. The event will serve as the Chicagoland kick-off event for Movember, the global moustache-growing charity campaign raising awareness and funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

With a long-existing pattern of social and professional discrimination against Mustached Americans, AMI behavioral economists sought to better understand which top-performing metropolitan areas provide the most nourishing opportunities and livable communities for people of Mustached American descent. Researchers interviewed two hundred Mustached Americans in each of 100 high-performing U.S. municipalities to determine what makes their municipal region a flavor saving destination based on five key indicators: Employment, Transportation, Entertainment/Sport, Culinary, and Education.

Researchers asked participants to freely respond to open-ended questions about their lifestyle and spending habits. Qualitative data received during this study shed light on to why these cities received high AMI City Index scores.

The entire White Paper -- with an analysis of the Top 10 cities -- can be read on AMI's site, but the full top 100 Mustached Friendly Cities analysis includes:

1. Chicago
2. Houston
3. Pittsburgh
4. OKC
5. Detroit
6. Milwaukee
7. Cleveland
8. New York City
9. Huntsville, Ala
10. Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater
11. Boston
12. Albuquerque
13. Green Bay
14. Dallas
15. Bozeman, MT
16. Rome, GA
17. Cheyene, WY
18. Cuba, MO
19. Charleston, WV
20. Shreveport, LA
21. Metro-Phoenix, AZ
22. Washington, D.C.
23. Seattle
24. Lincoln, NE
25. Newark, NJ
26. Portland, ME
27. Las Cruces, NM
28. Austin, TX
29. Montgomery, AL
30. Nashville, TN
31. Tallahassee, FL
32. Richmond, VA
33. Columbia, SC
34. Louisville, KY
35. Jackson, MS
36. Baltimore, MD
37. Bismark, ND
38. Winston Salem, NC
39. Lansing, MI
40. St. Louis, MO
41. Jersey City, NJ
42. San Antonio, TX
43. Santa Fe, NM
44. Little Rock, AR
45. Kansas City, MO
46. Paducah, KY
47. Fort Collins, CO
48. Portland, OR
49. Olympia, WA
50. Birmingham, AL
51. Memphis, TN
52. Columbus, OH
53. Fargo, ND
54. Newark, Del.
55. Harrisburg, PA
56. Hope, AR
57. Morgantown, WV
58. Concord, NH
59. Baton Rouge, LA
60. Anchorage, AK
61. Gulfport, MS
62. Jacksonville, FL
63. Atlanta, GA
64. Tucson, AZ
65. Rockford, IL
66. Boise, ID
67. Lubbock, TX
68. Billings, MT
69. Sioux Falls, SD
70. Reno, NV
71. Ft. Wayne, IN
72. Dubuque, IA
73. Highpoint, NC
74. Wichita, KS
75. Springfield, MO
76. Roanoke, VA
77. Knoxville, TN
78. Augusta, ME
79. Oakland, CA
80. Gulf Shores, Ala.
81. El Paso, TX
82. Las Vegas, NV
83. Montpelier, VT
84. Duluth, MN
85. Saratoga Springs, NY
86. Tulsa, OK
87. Flagstaff, AZ
88. Hartford, CT
89. Metro-Salt Lake City, UT
90. Frankfort, KY
91. Indianapolis
92. Cinncinatti, OH
93. Denver, CO
94. Trenton, NJ
95. Dover, Del.
96. Panama City, FL
97. Newport, RI
98. Madison, WI
99. Toledo, OH
100. Los Angeles, CA