What To Do When Someone Rains On Your Parade

05/03/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Where are We Putting Our Focus? You are a marvel. So are the gal and guy next to you. The question is how many of us have the courage to name and claim this reality? Do we have the intestinal fortitude to live this marvelous nature out today, that part of us that lives beyond self-criticism, judgment, personal impatience, comparison and down-right making ourselves wrong for what we didn't achieve?

No place was this more obvious than in the minutes following the Canadian upset of the American Hockey Team this week! Did you catch it? If there ever were a 'take-away' for a behavior that sabotages our experience of greater aliveness and gratitude, this would be it. To look at the faces of our team, as each accepted a silver medal, you would think that they just lost their best friend in a tragedy. In a way, of course, they did! What they lost that was more important than that hockey game. Their sullen, downcast faces betrayed that they had temporarily misplaced that vital connection to that part of themselves in which reigns a world-class champion.

They are not alone. How many times each day do we get a little lost from that 'Truth that sets you free..."? On bad hair days, we do more than stray from the fact that we are mighty marvels. Each and every time we begin comparing ourselves, our results, our way of expressing ourselves to others, we fixate on a metaphorical scoreboard that has absolutely nothing to do with us. We shoot ourselves in the foot, leaving ourselves wide-open to attack from that inner tyrant that attacks the very core of who we are. Thrown off-track, the hardy amongst us dive head-first into the swamp of trying to fix outer conditions that we believe will be the saving thing.

The trouble is, the answer, the remedy is not 'out there.' Never is, never was. Back to Vancouver Sunday night. The really sad thing is that as our team slipped into this form of self-condemnation, beating them up with its ugly stick, they averted their eyes and hearts from the Truth. What is this Truth, you ask. The fact is that they now hold the position of Silver Medal Olympian Champions. The Truth is that they are Starlight wrapped in the fabric of this world: incredibly, dazzling, forms of human being-ness that graced the rink with extraordinary talent, teamwork, and tenacity. The Truth is that they are us and we are they, all inextricably linked with the Source of Life, each expressing gifts and talents in unique and stunning ways. The Truth is that we recognized them for the beauty that they are, but they did not. When we hang our heads as submissive dogs, we contract. We push away the gratitude, the praise, the celebration that is moving our way. When pull back from the moment, we say 'no thank-you' to our birthright to be celebrated, raised and praised in the name of Love. We shut the door to the miracle of appreciation, collaboration, and community. We tell those who wish to send support that they have poor taste.

Enough, already! What I'm talking about here is not a theory, but a Living Reality. To the degree we are willing to give up our old stale stories of 'not good enough,' is to the degree we begin to experience in the most palpable ways, the infinite blessings that come from 'leaving it on the field.' What compares with the exhilarating experience of knowing, just knowing that you've done your best? Are we big enough to recognize that what we've done does count? Are we ready to receive what Divine Order has in store for us the very moment we accept we are 'mighty warriors' which have come to make a mighty big difference simply by showing kindness, courtesy, appreciation for the privilege of playing the game of life to ourselves and our witnesses?

The statement: "Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and ye shall find..." comes to mind. If we want to eat 'the breakfast of champions,' in whatever form it comes today, we've got to first affirm our worthiness to BE champions, and to act accordingly. We've got to come off the bench and ask that deepest, most sacred part of our Spirit to stand up and be counted, to receive graciously compliments, praise, applause, including for the reflection in the mirror. When was the last time you gave yourself a hardy 'atta boy'/ 'atta girl'? Don't you think it's time? Look not only for the big, my friend. Take out a magnifying glass and look for microscopic evidence that you're on a winning team: your own, and the Greater Team out here with the rest of humanity. We may not have found the way to handle disasters like those of Chile and Haiti in a nanosecond just yet. We may not have ended world hunger by yesterday, nor global warming. Maybe our offering is not perfect, but we are making it anyway. But the fact is that you and I have 'suited up,' are stepping out on the field, even in shaky times. We do get up in the morning and bother to persist, even when we don't feel much like it. We actually do our best in terms of what we know about how to awaken, and recognize who we are in more encompassing ways. Otherwise, we would not be reading the HP Living Page. We wouldn't bother. You see, you do make a difference, to the degree you are choosing to own the Truth of you, at the most authentic level, and a marvel.

Look around. The Greater You is needed now more than ever in the history of the planet. Let's stop telling ourselves lies. Let's stop looking in directions which give us permission to wallow in self-pity. Let's stop dodging the Truth that we can be more, do more, have more than we've ever dared believe before, and own up. Let's get back on the field, with heads held high. Goethe put it this way:

"Until one is committed
There is hesitancy
The chance to draw back...
Always ineffectiveness...

Boldness has genius, power and magic.
Begin it now."

Let's roll.

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