...Coming Out Smelling Like a Rose

For someone who stopped a misbegotten war (Iraq), and is in the process of winding down a much too prolonged one (which, nevertheless, was partly of his own doing -- Afghanistan); who has just provisionally avoided new Middle Eastern hostilities in Syria and Iran; and who is witnessing the kick-start of new insurance options under Obamacare on 1 October; we can say that the President has come out smelling like a rose. You'd never know that, judging from the vitriolic hatred of Obama that spews out constantly from the right-wing press.

What is the basis of such hatred? It is due in part to the hyenaism of the American press and public discourse, which has been with us since the early days of the Republic and the savage attacks of the Philadelphia Aurora against the Federalists.. But more importantly it is the deep-seated racism of a large section of the American public. Though much progress has been made since the origins of the country in slavery, the fact remains that, for the most part, we still live apart.

By the exercise of his current position, his finely-tuned intelligence, and his steadfast temperament, Obama has been a game-changer: he has definitively given the lie to the myth of black inferiority.

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