04/08/2013 05:14 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2013

Are We Drinking Too Much?

I am one of the most fortunate psychologists in Manhattan. I have a very high-functioning, intelligent group of clients who are working their butts off to change and be more present in their lives and in the world. They are the people making things happen. And there's a theme amongst many of them -- as well as so many others I know and love personally -- and they all know it's one of my biggest pet peeves:

I absolutely, 100 percent believe that everyone is drinking way too much!

Alcohol is the one unregulated, accepted drug we have in our society, and I do believe it's being abused. But since drinking is so socially acceptable, and everyone's doing it -- including high-functioning and motivated movers and shakers -- no one's questioning it. And if they are, they make themselves feel better by saying that everyone is doing it!

I've been the recipient of the pressure to drink when with my peers, most likely because if I don't go along with it, people then have to question their own behavior (this is a topic I'll address at another time).

Now, don't get me wrong; I'm not against drinking, or really partying on occasion. As a matter of fact, anyone who knows me knows that I was a big partier back in the day. But because I was a partier, and I have reformed, I know the truth to why many people are partying to begin with.

One of my big company lines: If you aren't having fun wherever you are without being plastered, it's not fun!

Have you ever been the sober one in a room of people partying it up? You can really see the truth -- that false sense of having a great time. Everyone's slurring, being overly affectionate, repeating themselves over and over, and getting caught up in the high and the music. It isn't real. And it's in the way of what people really need to be doing for their emotional and physical health. They need to feel, pay attention to themselves, and experience themselves.

Many of my own (my clients -- I do consider them mine) who are in this category at least throw me a bone and do a dry month here and there. Maybe you all can try the same, and really see what life looks like on the other side!

You may even like it in Soberland.

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