12/13/2012 11:27 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

The Brilliance of Meditation

I am a meditator. I am someone who releases my emotions on a daily basis. I deal with myself. I don't drink, smoke, or take pills. I am someone who copes using the methods I teach: I'm aware of my emotions, and I experience them.

So when Deepak Chopra's 21-day meditation challenge came to my attention, I was stoked. It meant I'd be deepening the work I'm already engaged in with one of my all-time favorite leaders in the world of spirituality.

Even though meditation is something that's in my wheelhouse, I've already begun to feel profound changes. The most immediate change is that I've started meditating twice a day -- something I've wanted to try for a while but have never gotten around to doing. Emotions (the "hurt" kind) that I didn't know were there have begun to surface. It's amazing... I mean, how can I, of all people, not have been aware of emotions that existed within me? This is how hidden we are from ourselves. Clarity into big issues in my life has become more palpable. Compassion has been highly present. And, although I'm a pretty decisive person, I've been feeling a calmness and certainty that, even if my decisions and choices hurt, they're leading me in the right direction.

In general, I've started to have some new awareness of my life and myself. And believe me, at this point, this is no small feat. I am by far one of the most analyzed women to walk the earth, and I have very few new insights, but here they are -- coming at me. This is only after two weeks of deepening my meditation practice. I still have one more week to go, so who knows -- maybe super powers are on the horizon!

The point of this blog entry is to push, yet again, the brilliance of meditation, and the necessity -- I believe -- for everyone to start incorporating it into their lives.

If you think you'd like to try meditating, please be sure to look out for my upcoming podcast on the basics of getting started. Deepak Chopra may be too much for you if you're new to meditation, but believe me -- I'm not! I'll make it easy, I promise. If you're interested, sign up via my website ( to gain easy-to-understand access to this life-changing practice.

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