09/21/2011 08:23 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

Day 16: The Wall Pose Stretch

Yoga poses have a detoxifying effect on the body. The wall pose creates a stretch in the shoulders, legs and back that mobilizes muscle tissue and stimulates nourishing blood circulation in normally inactive areas of the body. Lymph fluid then begins its cleansing action, tissues become toned and detoxified and the result is a feeling of well being.

2011-08-31-1yp90Wall_Pose0064.jpgWall Stretch
1. Begin by standing 3-4 feet away from the wall.
2. Face the wall and place the ball of your right foot against it at a 45-degree angle. (See illustration)
3. Keep the weight on the center of your right heel and let the left foot turn out a little. (See illustration)
4. Keep the front of the hips parallel to the wall and place the hands as far up the wall as you can reach.
5. Open the hands, spreading the fingers and straighten the elbows.
6. Keep the legs straight, firming the kneecaps onto the knee joint and pull the thigh muscles up.
7. Extend the back heel into the ground.
8. Move hips away from the wall, let the neck relax and extend the head toward the floor. It may rest on the wall.
9. Stay in the pose for about 30 seconds, breathing normally.
10. Then, keeping your hands on the wall, repeat the pose with the left foot against the wall.

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