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Days 19 and 20: How to Re-Introduce Foods

Here's how to re-introduce the foods you've been avoiding on the cleanse. This takes some patience, but it's worth it to see which foods are irritating to your system.

Re-introduce the foods you've been avoiding into your meals one at a time, every two days, to test your reaction to it.

When testing a food, have a substantial serving of it for breakfast and lunch, and monitor your reactions. If possible, make detailed notes in a food journal -- particularly about what happens to you during the reintroduction phase.

Most food reactions will occur within a few hours of eating what you add back, although it can occasionally take up to two to three days for reactive symptoms to appear. The beauty of this test is that if you are reactive to a specific food, you are usually extra sensitive to it after you have initially cleared it from your system.

What if I do have a reaction?
If you have a strong food reaction (such as nausea or a stomach ache) when testing, take two tablets of Alka-Seltzer Gold or a tablespoon of buffered vitamin C powder in water.

(Caution: women should not try food testing right before their periods or during pregnancy because they are likely to be extra sensitive then.)

A Few Things To Keep In Mind
• If you do react to any food, rotating your foods may make you less sensitive to them. So only eat the foods to which you are reacting every five days. For example, if you are sensitive to wheat, dairy and corn, schedule yourself to eat wheat on days one and six, dairy on days two and seven, and corn on days three and eight.

• You may not have enough digestive juices to properly break down the foods to which you are reacting. Trying some digestive enzymes with your meal may help.

It is my greatest wish that you will continue to move your diet closer and closer to nature, eating more organic fruits and vegetables, wild fish and grass-fed meats. I want you to eat less and less gluten, high-mercury fish, factory-farmed meats, soy, genetically modified foods, junk food and sugar.

The cleaner your diet, the better you will feel!

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