10/09/2009 07:03 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Closer to Truth

Every now and then, normal people, living their normal lives, stop and for short period, question what they normally do and why they do what they do, to briefly ponder the "bigger questions" of life, such as those that concern God, Consciousness, and the Cosmos. Who am I? Why am I here? And what is all of this about anyways? Thankfully, for those moments when we rise above the daily routines of our programmed existence in search of perspective (usually just after some wild night out or life-changing event), there are shows like Closer to Truth.

Closer to Truth is a TV series, book, website, and soon to be feature documentary that brings together the ideas, research, and philosophies of many of the leading intellectuals who make investigating the "big questions" their primary preoccupation. The show highlights many of the world's leading neuroscientists, philosophers, physicists, astrophysicists, religious scholars, and atheists who provide uniquely compelling arguments for the ideas that they are known.

The series is a venerable treasure trove of ideas, theories, and perspectives on topics that underlie the foundations of our reality. Through interviews and dialogues, the series provides a more personal presentation of the leading theories and philosophies explained directly by their main proponents. It's heady stuff, but delivered with passion in language that doesn't require a PhD to comprehend.

In dialogue, the show harks back to the early Greek philosophers who, through their rational investigation and debates into the underlying nature of reality, laid the groundwork for most of what we know today as western science and philosophy. Those familiar with the Phusikoi, or the pre-Socratics, will find surprising how, despite all of the facts we've gathered over the past twenty five hundred years and all the technological wonders we have today, very little progress has been made toward answering the "big questions."

Impartial, well researched, and objective, Robert Lawrence Kuhn asks the questions that fuel deeper inquiry and open the doors to new ideas. Originally educated as a neuroscientist, he has accumulated a vast knowledge driven by his lifelong interest in fulfilling what the Ancient Greeks identified as the most challenging quest for anyone to undertake, the quest to "know thyself." True to Ancient Greek tradition, Robert sets out to engage many of the best minds of our time to confirm and expand his understanding. With the Closer to Truth series, he takes us along for the ride. The series is a true labor of love born out of his passion for life and financed by his successful career as an investment banker. If you are passionate about living and are earnest in looking for deeper meaning beyond the politics, dogma, and consumerism of modern culture, the diverse perspectives presented in Closer to Truth will inspire you closer to your own truth.

For more information on broadcast show times (PBS) check out this page. There are also many interviews online on the website here.