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Dr. John R. Hutchinson
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Dr. John R. Hutchinson is a Professor of Evolutionary Biomechanics at the Royal Veterinary College, in the Structure & Motion Laboratory and Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences. He leads a research team studying how animal anatomy, size and function in locomotion have evolved in different groups. In particular, he has studied how giant land animals evolved and how their size influenced their athletic abilities, including key studies of tyrannosaurs and elephants. His work has helped show how elephants evolved peculiar aspects of their anatomy and gait, how birds evolved their unusual bipedal locomotion, and how bony animals first moved onto land.

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The Science of Anatomy Is Undergoing a Major Revival

(4) Comments | Posted April 15, 2014 | 3:41 PM

Only two decades ago, when I was starting my PhD studies at the University of California in Berkeley, there was talk about the death of anatomy as a research subject. That hasn't happened. Instead the science of anatomy has undergone a renaissance lately, sparking renewed interest not just among researchers...

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