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Dr. Maoshing Ni
Dr. Maoshing Ni is a doctor of Chinese medicine, bestselling author and an authority in anti-aging medicine. He practices acupuncture, Chinese medicine and nutrition at Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica, California where his patients have included many physicians, Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities. He is co-founder and Chancellor of Yo San University in Los Angeles, where he teaches the art and science of Wellness Medicine. Dr. Mao, as he is known to his patients and readers has lectured internationally and has been featured on radio and television as well as on the pages of The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. He is currently featured as a Health Expert on Yahoo Health, where he writes a blog about longevity. For more information on his latest book, Second Spring: Hundreds of Natural Secrets for Women to Revitalize and Regenerate at Any Age and bestselling book, Secrets of Longevity and Secrets of Self Healing go to

Entries by Dr. Maoshing Ni

Year of the Serpent Forecast

(1) Comments | Posted February 15, 2013 | 9:03 AM

Welcome to the year of the serpent! For many years, I've given forecasts about a new year based on the ancient Taoist science of five elements cycle that predicts the macro trends that affect each of us on a personal level. Many people have shared with me their experiences with...

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Natural Osteoporosis Help

(3) Comments | Posted January 27, 2012 | 12:00 PM

For most people the first sign of osteoporosis is a broken bone or a fracture, and the frightening part is that often a person does not know they have osteoporosis until a minor fall ends up causing a serious fracture.

Osteoporosis happens when the cells that remove bone matter...

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Revitalize with Spring Secrets for Longevity

(15) Comments | Posted March 29, 2011 | 8:52 AM

At the arrival of spring, it is a natural instinct to cast off the winter blues and feel renewed. Preserve your longevity by greeting the spring with seasonal health practices. Nearly five millennia ago, Eastern physicians observed the influence of each season on health and contrived specific seasonal advice to...

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Natural Ways to Protect Against Radiation

(34) Comments | Posted March 26, 2011 | 11:56 AM

The nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan has provoked fears about radioactivity and the implications to your health. Many anxious patients and readers called in last week to inquire about the health threats of radiation. This article is an attempt to address any radiation concerns you may have, relating both to...

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Spices and Herbs That Promote Longevity

(60) Comments | Posted February 28, 2011 | 8:23 AM

While plenty of signs show spring is around the corner, we are not out of the woods yet! As the cold, dark days of winter give way to the cold, dry winds of early spring, keep your health and longevity fired up with spices and herbs.

Boasting big flavor and...

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11 Longevity Tips

(20) Comments | Posted January 11, 2011 | 7:08 AM

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome 2011, let us reflect on what we've learned and how we have grown. Perhaps we may examine the steps we've taken to improve our health and well being. Many of us like to make New Year's resolutions, making countless promises...

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The Top 5 Ways to Live Longer, Stronger and Happier

(76) Comments | Posted November 27, 2010 | 10:57 AM

Life in the 21st century can certainly derail our longevity plans! Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, too little physical activity, unhappiness and daily stress are five major rapid-aging culprits that wreak havoc on our health and shorten our lifespan. Follow these tips to boost your longevity and stop those crow's...

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6 Stress-Management Tips For A Longer Life

(13) Comments | Posted October 26, 2010 | 8:26 AM

Autumn is definitely here, and our schedules seem busier than ever. Here is one high-priority item to add to your full plate: Take at least 10 minutes a day to relax--and you will live a longer and happier life. It is hardly groundbreaking news that stress is one of the...

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How to Achieve Longevity in Your Busy Life Right Now

(16) Comments | Posted August 13, 2010 | 7:00 AM

In the quest for living a long and healthy life, many of us feel overwhelmed by all the things we are supposed to be doing. Just how are we supposed to fit in exercise, meditation, cooking nutritious food and all the other healthy things we should be doing on top...

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Don't Get Breast Cancer (Again)

(10) Comments | Posted June 18, 2010 | 8:00 AM

I had the honor of speaking on a panel of medical experts at the premiere of Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness & Healing at Creative Artist Agency in Los Angeles. The film, which was produced by Nina Karp and Joyce Osten--a two-time breast cancer survivor is an...

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Tea: The Elixir of a Long Life

(217) Comments | Posted June 11, 2010 | 8:00 AM

Lengthen your years, starting with this one simple tip: drink more tea. Delicious, low-calorie and brimming with antioxidants, tea is one of the most commonly enjoyed beverage by centenarians around the world, second only to water. Even in the US, its popularity is rapidly growing. With the healthy longevity benefits...

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Fats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

(184) Comments | Posted April 25, 2010 | 7:00 AM

The basic building blocks of a good diet are protein, carbohydrates and fats. While many diet fads favor protein and disdain carbohydrates like the Atkin's and the South Beach diet, fat has been lost and neglected amidst confusion and misinformation. Yet fats are essential for so many critical functions in...

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Mood Elevators: 5 Natural Ways to Uplift Your Mood

(97) Comments | Posted April 18, 2010 | 7:00 AM

Are you letting bad mood ruin your day?

For some people the feeling of gloominess or depression is due to neuro-chemical or hormonal imbalance and for others it's the daily stress or upsetting events that wear down one's emotional reserves. Studies show that people who are depressed or melancholic...

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Want Increased Longevity? Spring Into Shape With Smart Exercise

(55) Comments | Posted April 9, 2010 | 8:33 AM

With the recent LA Marathon just over, you may have become inspired to put on your running shoes and get out for a run. And now that spring is here, it is a good time to get off the couch and get back on track with your exercise routine. How...

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Tame Your Allergy and Breathe Easy, Naturally

(2) Comments | Posted April 1, 2010 | 12:31 PM

Itchy, watery eyes, running nose, an aching head, and sinus congestion. Sound familiar? You may be among the 37 million people in the United States who suffer from allergic rhinitis or sinusitis. Consider combating your springtime woes naturally with these time-tested self-healing techniques.

Allergens in the Air When your sinuses,...

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Secrets of Fertility

(1) Comments | Posted March 22, 2010 | 12:41 PM

If your clock is ticking and you're wondering the best way to get your fertility jump-started, read on.

Seasonal Timing is Everything
According to Chinese medicine, seasons really do affect fertility. Chinese medicine looks to the energetic cycles of the universe for health answers; the female...

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The Wisdom of Napping for Health and Longevity

(10) Comments | Posted February 22, 2010 | 4:02 PM

By the time you read this, I will be in Barcelona, Spain. While there I plan on enjoying one activity that the Spaniards are famous for--siesta! That's right, this is one of my favorite longevity tips. Power naps: 10, 20, 30 minutes a day really rejuvenate and refresh your body.

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Top 5 Activities For Longevity

(3) Comments | Posted February 8, 2010 | 1:09 PM

A recent study in the Journal Nature Genetics showed some people are genetically predisposed to age more rapidly than others. The authors proposed that certain age-associated diseases such as heart disease and certain types of cancers are more closely related to biological rather than chronological age. So can...

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Six Natural Ways to Avoid the Cold and the Flu

(4) Comments | Posted February 1, 2010 | 11:15 AM

It's February and we are still seeing patients come in for the common cold and the flu. Besides the respiratory viruses that were prevalent earlier in the winter season our healthcare team at the Tao of Wellness has seen more stomach virus cases since the beginning of the...

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Start Your New Year Right With a 5-Step Detox

(3) Comments | Posted January 26, 2010 | 9:29 AM

At the beginning of a new year it is a natural instinct to cast off the winter blues and feel renewed. It is also a great time to eliminate the toxins from the holidays that might still be with you and burdening your system leaving you feeling sluggish and fatigued....

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