08/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Put the Cell Phone to Bed, Please!

As crazy as this might sound, there might be some truth to the recently discovered phenomenon of "sleep-texting."

You heard that right: texting people with a cell phone while you're asleep!

I read about this strange story online, and apparently, a Texan newspaper wrote about it last month. In its coverage, a 24-year-old woman claimed to have texted her boyfriend while asleep, and discovered what she'd done only once she'd awakened. Another fellow wrote about it on his blog, so clearly this must be happening to more than just a few people. (Sorry, I can't say I've had this experience myself.)

The question is, does sleep-texting really happen when you're asleep? Or is it something that happens quickly during a moment of wakefulness in the night and then you forget about it the next morning?

No one really knows. It's entirely possible to perform a small action in the night during a few short minutes of wakefulness that you cannot recall the next day, but it may also be possible to perform an action that's so ingrained in your brain and habits that it's like driving on "autopilot." Today's younger generation is so constantly attached to their mobile devices (I think kids win hands down for how fast they can type on a smart phone) that working those cell phones and texting are second nature. It's an addiction unlike any other.

It's weird to think you can send a message in the middle of the night that you won't remember doing the next day.  You just might find yourself in a situation where you actually do send a text you'd self-censor during the daylight hours.

I've said in the past that bedrooms should be a cell-phone free zone. They don't harmonize with the setting for restful sleep. And what if that phone rings back with a text from the person who receives your midnight message?

I say, put those cell phones to bed -- in another room. Give it a rest. Your sleep will thank you.

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