09/13/2010 11:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Shedding Light on the Freshman 8

By now I hope I have proven to you how important the Freshman 8 can really be. We know more sleep will help your GPA, memory and performance. But getting that precious eight hours can be a bit of a challenge in a dorm room. I believe that sleep is a sensory experience and that if all five senses are satisfied, then sleep is but a few winks away.

Here is a quick tip about one of the most influential senses: light. Light is the signal to your brain to stop producing melatonin, that hormone that helps regulate your body clock, and can start the process of sleep. If you need to study before bed, I suggest using a book light. This way the light is focused, you should not strain your eyes and you are not sending a signal to your brain it is morning, but rather that it is almost time for bed. Look for my next blog to go over all five senses, and how you can have a dorm room makeover for your Freshman 8.

And don't worry, your R.A. will not mind a bit!