04/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Is There a Face Lift in your Fridge?

This is a question first asked of me by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America upon the publication of my first book The Wrinkle Cure.

The producers put three women on my Three Day Nutritional Face Lift for a two part series. On Monday we appeared in the studio with Diane, met the three women, gave them the diet, shopping list, and so forth.

Fast forward to Friday of the same week; GMA on location in Bryant Park.

The three women returned, radiant, glowing and looking remarkably rejuvenated. We all know that the camera does not lie, and it was with great pleasure that I listened to Diane's surprise and awe that so many visible changes could occur so quickly.

Even the cameramen were impressed!

As the success of a similar segment that aired live this morning (March 9, 2009) on Fox's new show Mike & Juliet proves, this is a story that people love.

I think the most important reason is because it gives us a very sense of empowerment. If you do nothing else but change your food choices, you can radically alter your appearance in as little as three days. And, the longer you stay on what I call the 'anti-inflammatory diet,' the better you will look and feel.

On today's show, I introduced the philosophy behind the Three Day and we showcased two great tables -- one of the foods to avoid and the other filled with the delicious foods to enjoy. Our guest guinea pig remarked that she had to give up her five favorite foods groups:


If this reads like your shopping list, take heart. At the end of the three days she admitted that she had never felt better. Truth be told she also looked wonderful.

Great Expectations

What can you expect from the Three Day Nutritional Face Lift?

In addition to noticing a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, you will see an increase in skin radiance, greater definition in the face and eye area, smaller pores and decreased puffiness. The high quality protein and healthy fats will also increase energy, mental clarity, alertness and perhaps best of all, significantly improve mood and sense of well-being.

I have had many people, both men and women tell me that by day three, they barely recognize the vibrant, cheerful, energetic and youthful-looking stranger smiling back at themselves in the mirror.

Something to cell-abrate

The reason the anti-inflammatory diet works so well is really very simple. The right foods and beverages will reduce cellular inflammation in all organ systems, including brain and skin. This means significant changes in how you look and feel. But remember, when we are talking about inflammation, we don't mean the kind you see from a sunburn. We are talking about invisible, sub-clinical inflammation, which goes on day after day on a cellular level, aging our face and body and increasing our susceptibility to a host of age-related diseases.

In our next blog, I am going to introduce the foods that will rejuvenate both your face and your body. We are also going to meet the foods that rob you of your youth and beauty -- the serial killers of the cellular world.

Without exception, every patient who has tried the Three-Day Nutritional Face Lift has had excellent results and returned convinced that the true fountain of youth can be found by embracing the anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

As an active researcher, I welcome your comments, suggestions, photos and experiences.