Please Spread Viral Pneumonia (Videos, that is)

Words are great, photos are better, but video is the ultimate for informing and entertaining at the same time. And while there are millions of cases of viral pneumonia every year, there are far too few pneumonia videos that "go viral" on the Internet. So, here are some of my favorite videos related to pneumonia. This is one case where spreading a "virus" could help millions of children, not harm them. So, have a look and if you like them, pass them on.

Individual videos I like include:
1. Pnock out Pneumonia video. This video will make you laugh out loud. It stars a series of US Presidents playing dodgeball and features narration by NPR star, Carl Kassel, The ending is the best part so be sure to watch it to the end. And then get out and play dodgeball to support Dave Rubenstein's Best Shot Foundation that prevents pneumonia!

2. World pneumonia day video. This short video provides a compelling overview of the disease and what can be done about it. Stay tuned for more great videos in the lead up to World Pneumonia Day on November 12, 2010.

3. Animation of pneumonia. If you like the Discovery Channel or Learning Channel on cable TV and have ever wondered what pneumonia does to your body, have a look at this animated video that shows the medical process that leads to pneumonia. Its less than 30 seconds long so it won't take you long.

4. GAVI Alliance "Saving lives". Part of the highly successful BBC World series "Kill or cure" (Season 6, episode 3), this video highlights advances in the roll out of life-saving pneumococcal vaccines in Africa and lays bare the tragic consequences of pneumonia for families. The interview with Blessing, a mother of child who died of pneumonia, moved me and reminded me that pneumonia is about children, not statistics, and each one has a parent with a story. See the video below or click here for a 6 minute version.

These websites and YouTube channels are the best places to look for videos on pneumonia, vaccines, and child survival. On these sites you can view, download, or embed many of these videos. Spread away.

1. pneumoACTION YouTube channel. This site includes 14 videos related to pneumonia and pneumococcal & hib disease and their prevention.
2. GAVI Alliance videos. This site, featuring videos made by the highly successful Rockhopper TV group in London, provides a range of vaccine related feature films. Other shorter videos are also available on the GAVI site.
3. UNICEF YouTube channel. This site features UNICEF's work around the world for a range of humanitarian and child survival issues.
4. World Pneumonia Day. This site features a range of videos from deeply moving ones with personal stories to a very funny video by from Save the Children and the guys of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."