Tomorrow's Vaccine Policy Leaders


Want a sneak peak at the future of global health? One way is to find out what's on the minds of the next generation of policy leaders and influencers.

I'm fortunate to teach a graduate school course in vaccine policy issues at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health - one of the only courses of its kind at any public health school in America. Teaching the course grants me the privilege of getting to know about 50 of these young up-and-comers each year.

For the next three weeks, beginning tomorrow, I will share some of them with you. I'm turning over the reins of this blog to feature posts from three of the top students in the class. These students provide fresh perspectives on vaccine-related issues both domestically and abroad, and offer their thoughts on how those policies affect the lives of people in our families, in our communities and around the world.

Teaching is a great excuse for me to work with new bright minds in the field, challenge my own assumptions, and test new ideas. I invite you to do the same as you hear from these students, and I invite and encourage your comments on their posts.