09/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Warren Buffett on Health Care: We Need You!

Dear Mr. Buffett,

I noticed with great interest your warning to the administration and lawmakers on Wednesday that America's economy cannot sustain trillions of dollars of unlimited increasing national debt and survive without major structural inflation in the future. I also noticed that you attended a congressional town hall meeting on health care reform in Omaha, so that you could hear and feel the concerns of American citizens about the daunting task of reforming our health care system.

Mr. Buffett, these two issues could be reconciled with a common sense health care reform plan proposed in the Los Angeles Times last week. Please refer to my previous post to see the details of a simple 5-point plan that could serve as a framework for effectively reforming our health care system, through thoughtful insurance reform, but without contributing additional debt to our economy.

You will notice in the plan that I used your GEICO auto insurance business model as an example of cost-effective, streamlined insurance that could revolutionize the health coverage market. We could finally have true choice and competition, instead of the absurd 50 state patchwork system currently in place.
Mr. Buffett, you're not in the health insurance market, but this might be the opportunity to bring your successful Berkshire companies to the table, to help solve the major issue of our time.

Let's talk!

Paul Toffel M.D.