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Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber is Chairman of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company. He also serves as United Arab Emirates Minister of State and Special Envoy for Energy and Climate Change.

Dr. Al Jaber spearheaded the launch and establishment of Masdar in 2006 and continues to help drive the company’s strategic direction as it takes on an increasingly prominent role in the global effort of advancing renewable energy and clean technology.

In 2009, Dr. Al Jaber coordinated and led Masdar’s participation in the United Arab Emirate’s successful bid to host the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi, and eventually Masdar City. In the same year he was invited by the United Nations’ Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to serve as a member of the United Nations Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change.

In 2011, Dr. Al Jaber was selected to serve on United Nations Secretary General’s High Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All. The initiative aims to ensure universal access to modern energy services, to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and to double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030. In 2012, Dr Al Jaber was bestowed the “Champions of the Earth,” the United Nations’ flagship award that recognizes outstanding visionaries and leaders in the fields of policy, science and entrepreneurship.

Prior to joining Masdar, Dr. Al Jaber was involved in strategic project origination and execution in the areas of energy, utilities and industries at the Mubadala Development Company – of which Masdar is a wholly-owned subsidiary – where he continues to serve as a senior advisor.

Dr. Al Jaber holds several board and advisory positions and counsels on issues related to economy, sustainability, climate change and energy for a number of organizations and institutions. He is Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Ports Company, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Media Investment Corporation, Chairman of Sky News Arabia, and serves on the boards of ALDAR-Sorouh Properties and ZonesCorp.

Dr. Al Jaber holds a PhD in Business and Economics from the UK and an MBA and a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the US.

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