11/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Courtney Cox Revealed About Her Body

Courtney Cox revealed how she really feels about her body this week on The Tonight Show. She is making appearances on talk shows for the release of her new show, Cougar Town. One has to admire that she is a woman who continues to work hard and reinvent herself. She's evolved from Monica on Friends to a host of other projects. For horror movie fans, she hinted that the fourth sequel to Scream could be right around the corner.

In Cox's interview with O'Brien, she discussed a scene from Cougar Town that many people, particularly women, can identify with. Viewers will see Cox scantily clothed and evaluating herself in the mirror. Her character judges herself harshly and picks apart her body. She laments about the parts she feels haven't aged well. Who hasn't done this same thing?

Kudos to Cox for being brave enough to bare her body on camera without the luxury of any airbrushing. She leaves herself open to criticism and media picking her body apart ruthlessly. She said that people can't see that she has a stomach under her dress which may not be as perfect as people think or expect from a celebrity mom. This is a good lesson. Even a drop dead gorgeous movie star like Courtney Cox is human. She is vulnerable to the same insecurities everyone else has. It doesn't matter what you look like. There is going to always be something that you just don't like about your body.

For example, Courtney said that she dislikes the skin on her elbows. She revealed how unhappy she is about the folds, a tell-tale sign of aging. Elbow skin? Not the typical body part that most people are concerned about. Courtney apologized and recognized that this will likely cause other people to obsess about their elbows. I truly appreciated the acknowledgment of her power to influence the way women see themselves, whether she likes it or not. It must be a lot of pressure for a woman like Courtney Cox to always have to be very mindful of the way she discusses her body.

I was inspired to write this article when I walked into a public bathroom this morning and spied two women, who appeared to be friends, closely evaluating their elbows in the mirror. The women were pinching their elbows and comparing how much skin they could pull. I didn't even have to ask what they watched on T.V. last night. Courtney's prediction was spot on.

Her new show is called, Cougar Land. The term "cougar" has a positive and negative connotation. On one hand, a cougar, a woman who pursues younger men, is someone who embraces her sexuality and power much like her male counterparts. On the other hand, a cougar is sometimes a negative term. They are often seen as women who need younger men to validate them or fix a self-esteem that is crumbling with age. Does age really matter in a relationship? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. This is a topic for an entirely different article. The term cougar doesn't really seem to be about an age difference than it does about how you feel about yourself. Through her show, Courtney Cox has a tremendous opportunity to portray older women as sexy and to positively influence the way women feel about their bodies.

The secret to feeling younger? I suspect that Courtney Cox has already found it. Continue to reinvent yourself. Work hard. Focus on the parts of your body you like and don't let your big and little insecurities(like imperfect elbows) get in the way of feeling sexy, no matter how old you are.

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