Mavericks to Nowhere

11/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In the midst of reading Sue Katz's trenchant book, Thanks But No Thanks: The Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin, I was so chilled that I literally had to plug in a heating pad to read the rest. The facts that Katz has amassed in just four weeks make a Stephen King novel look Disneyfied. (Full disclosure: I know Katz personally.)

All the facts that appear below are stridently and meticulously researched and documented on the book's website. You could say that this might be called Sarah Palin: All in One Place.

Consider these:

Sarah Palin has benefited from every single government program targeted to benefit women -- and she's against them all. The programs, and thereby, the women.

Sarah Palin has been a local activist -- and has systematically dismissed community organizers like Barack Obama whilst touting her own PTA experience. Without community organizers, where would the needy minority be in this country? Or, the students?

Sarah Palin caused the largest political demonstration in the history of the State of Alaska -- it was against her, not for her. If Alaskan women feel about Palin the way they say they do, hadn't the Lower 48 better listen up?

Sarah Palin believes that the war in Iraq is God's War -- and she thinks that's all she needs to know about it. God, heaven help us, is at the center of that war in Iraq, and Sarah's God weighing in isn't going to help. Do we really want that sort of misinformed person holding the nuclear codes?

Sarah Palin made women who had been raped pay for their own forensic evidence-gathering kits -- and she flat out denies what is publicly documented. How does a person further victimize a victim and expect to get away with it?

Sarah Palin makes vague claims to have gay friends -- and no one can find any of them anywhere, alive, dead or in print. Olly-olly-oxen-free, queer ones! (I'm allowed; I am one. Um, that is, queer, not a friend of Sarah's.)

Sarah Palin, despite having a pregnant, unmarried daughter is against sex education -- and she's forcing her own child into a likely unhappy marriage to prove it. I've imagined that she's told Bristol that it will only be for a year and then they can get a quiet divorce. If I were making my daughter do such a thing, that's what I'd tell mine, wouldn't you?

Sarah Palin has outright lied in telling her folksy story -- and she doesn't blink as she assures us that it is God's honest truth. Lies, not such a good thing in a human being. Or have we just grown so accustomed to the lying a. k. a. half-truths that we no longer expect to find or hear the truth?

A maverick is "a lone dissenter who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates." Sarah Palin is no maverick, but Sue Katz definitely is. She stands for truth, liberty and justice for all. That's why she had to tell the truth about Sarah Palin. And that's why anyone who is having political discussions in the run up to the Presidential Election ought to have her well-researched book.

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