Mind Your Own Fat

08/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat! How low will Fox News go? The attacks on the person of Dr. Regina Benjamin, President Obama's nominee for Surgeon General, are inconceivable. Too fat to be Surgeon General? Too fat?!?!

So, let's talk about fat. Really talk about it. Oprah does. Why not the rest of America?
We are notoriously obese as a society. There are health consequences to carrying excess weight, to be sure, but what no one is addressing are the genuine, extremely personal causes of fat.
There are myriad reasons people carry excess (whatever that means?) weight. Try these ...



Lack of exercise.

Lack of proper nutrition.

Oh yeah, and over-eating.

There's also a spiritual reason for carrying excess weight: Protection.

In 27 years of counseling, I have worked with many people who are unhappy with their weight. A lot of them experienced invasion of their boundaries as children. I mean invasion like emotional abuse, rage, addiction, sexual abuse, bullying. It is not unusual for the psyche of that person to create a physical barrier of protection.

These are not undisciplined people. These are not crazy people. These are not usually over-eaters. Instead, they once found themselves in an untenable situation, created a coping skill that may or may not have worked at the time, and haven't yet realized that said skill-set is no longer serving them.

Fox News' embarrassing derision of the phenomenally-accomplished Dr. Benjamin says a whole lot more about Fox News and their desperation to dis anything Obama-driven than it does about Dr. Benjamin. She is a compassionate doctor dedicated to serving under-served populations in our country.

Further, just as Oprah is the poster child for women who struggle with weight issues (note that Ms. Winfrey also suffered a drastic invasion of boundaries as a child), why isn't Dr. Benjamin the PERFECT poster icon for the office of Surgeon General? In order to have accomplished all that she has in her life, Dr. Benjamin has to have taken care of her health. There's no other way she could have gotten all that good stuff done!

I know nothing about Dr. Benjamin's personal habits. Maybe she lives on Twinkies, but I highly doubt it. I suspect instead that her weight has a reason all its own, and that said reason is none of our business.

Of note here is the meaning of the name of that Hebrew King I mentioned above: Jehoshaphat. It translates as Jehovah is the judge. Not to muddy the waters of this national travesty by adding God into the mix, but who died and made Fox News the best judge of fat?

Fox News, mind your own fat!

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