09/21/2010 03:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Millions Pouring Into Campaigns -- Who Does This Benefit?

I am appalled that California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has topped Michael Bloomberg in personal campaign contributions. Ms. Whitman contributed $119 million to her own campaign. I learned this from a headline in these August pages. "Meg Whitman Campaign Spending BREAKS RECORD: $119 Million In Personal Funds Burned So Far On California Race"

While I do not dispute billionaire Whitman's right to use her own money for whatever she desires, I am disappointed that she spent it on a political campaign for herself or anyone else.

I know we just had state primaries, and I know the midterm elections are around the corner in November.

But, America, there are people in our own country who are homeless.

There are Americans who can't buy their kids new shoes for school.

There are Americans who don't know where their grocery money will come from.

There are Americans who desperately need extensions on unemployment benefits.

Our public servants are meant to serve the public. How is spending $119 million on a political campaign serving the public?

Why don't all the politicos -- left, right, center and otherwise -- get together and agree on campaign finance reform? Why can't each candidate spend, say $5, (okay, maybe $25 is more reasonable) per registered constituent for any and all political races? Why can't the rest of the money go toward serving the public that needs serving?

Perhaps this is an approach fraught with naiveté. I'll grant you that, but I still can't help but wonder who taught us that winning is worth it at all costs.

The scariest thing in the Huffington Post headline was "so far." How much farther do we have to go before we figure out how to care for one another here in America?

No one wins unless we all win, and that single mother in Sacramento warming up leftover, watery soup to feed her kids because she has nothing else to feed their hungry stomachs can't possibly care who is governor of California unless that governor is going to help her work, feed her family and live somewhere safe.

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