04/22/2013 12:00 pm ET | Updated Jun 22, 2013

Unearth Green Careers

Earth Day is observed on April 22nd and is a day when over 192 countries demonstrate respect for the environment.

Earth day has inspired many people to pursue green jobs to make a difference in the world. According to the UN Environment Program a green job is classified as work in agricultural, manufacturing, research and development, administrative and service activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality."

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics green jobs grew fourfold from 2010 to 2011 and accounted for 2.6 percent of all jobs in the economy which is around 3.4 million jobs and this is expected to increase.

Some jobs cited as green might include ecological educator, organic clothing fashion designer, and solar panel installation worker in addition to global opportunities in hospitality and travel.

According to, Clean Tech is not green tech but more specifically Clean Tech addresses the roots of ecological problems with new science, emphasizing natural approaches such as biomimicry and biology. Clean Tech spans many industry verticals and organizes them into 13 categories including Energy Storage, Solar Systems, Water, Wind, Smart Grid, Agriculture, Transportation, Recycling and Waste, Air and Environment, Biofuels and Biomaterials, Materials and Other renewable energy providers.

Jobs might include wind turbine inspector, electric vehicle project engineer, project manager for energy efficiency, plant chemist etc.

Where are the jobs?

According to the popular book Women Lead new technologies create new career opportunities and this increases career options for individuals who are seeking to expand their work portfolios into new areas.

Recruiting experts report that the jobs may vary depending on where you live, your qualifications and what sector is hiring at any given time.

Jennifer Brent senior recruiter technology practice at Gent & Associates says, "There will be ample opportunities for engineers and scientists and these positions are typically six figure salaries. Areas to think about include environmental engineers and scientists, positions in the energy sector, conservation scientists and hydrology (water experts). "

Anne Angelopoulos, recruiting manager for JustStaff notes that if you are looking to reskill for future positions many colleges are offering courses so that people can secure positions as farmers, foresters, solar power installer, recycling and urban planning. There are part time green jobs with agricultural firms, fisheries, social media, sales and marketing.

Leslie Lazarus, senior recruiter, Gent & Associates says there are many opportunities for women in finance in the green sector. Some examples include corporate financial strategy, green stock or mutual funds; experts who understand green tax policy, and CFO positions. In fact, she notes, many finance people see green as the new lean when it comes to the bottom line. Green changes at firms such as garbage recycling, energy efficient buildings and lights, water conservation and proactive employee green practices can net savings to the bottom line.

In terms of firms and sectors, Gary Daugenti, Gent & Associates says" I would encourage people to look at the energy sector, the auto sector, and waste management for clean tech and green job and career opportunities. "

Green and Clean Tech are growing areas that span across a number of industries. If you dig deep you might unearth your next career.

Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti is a leading thought leader on women, the workplace, and careers. She is the author of ten books, a regular media contributor, and global speaker. Her most recent book is Women Lead. Tracey is a visiting scholar at Stanford University Media X program. Follow me @Linkedin @ email @ website @ twitter @ Facebook