12/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Are You Sensually Fused?

People are having plenty of sex, but what portion of these interactions can be described as sensual in nature? For as sex-focused as we humans are, any sex expert will tell you that the need for better sex and intimacy solutions has never been greater. The rate of sensual disconnect is simply astounding.

So what's the secret that's going to change this harsh reality? Ask me or my Your Orgasmic Pregnancy co-author, Danielle Cavallucci, and we say: "People need to get sensually fused!" As the masses search for positive sexual solutions and greater enlightenment, sensual fusion offers people everywhere the opportunity to realize their full sexual potential.

But what does it mean to be sensually fused? I've been asking people something along those lines in my short survey - which you can take here - since I've been curious about how the sensual component is playing into our sex lives these days.

The survey is a starting point in addressing the need for sensual fusion. Questions and concerns I get daily from frustrated lovers indicate that people long for more blissful, loving, and fulfilling relations with others -- sexual intimacy where they're truly connecting with another. They're just not sure how to get there...

Nothing short of magic, sensual fusion is the utilization of your energy and creativity, the pursuit of wellness modalities, and getting in tune with the core of your lover's existence. It's a pro-sex lifestyle that involves becoming savvy about the best and most effective traditional and innovative techniques - in and out of the bedroom - for heightening awareness, unveiling your pleasure max, and better controlling your sexual energy.

While my sex coaching services map out a plan of action for becoming sensually fused, what I would love -- whether through my survey or this blog -- is to hear what sensual fusion must entail for you. After all, as I'm learning from responses so far, what we deem sensual is very individual...