06/03/2010 03:41 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Secret to Better Sex? It's All in Sensual Fusion

You may have noticed that the world has become fusion everything -- fusion cuisine, fusion razor blades, fusion spas, fusion products... But fusion sex is given little attention. This may be that, at first thought, a holistic approach to sex sounds quite overwhelming.

But it's really not. It actually involves simply fine-tuning what you already have going on in your life, nurturing into the sensual component of everything you do. It capitalizes on the sexual energy you already have within you for what my friend, Danielle Cavallucci, and I coined "sensual fusion."

This multidisciplinary lifestyle approach to sexual expression and relationships starts with the basics, focusing on the biological components to better sex:

o Are you getting enough sleep?
o Is your workload manageable, with eustress (good stress) higher than bad stress?
o Are you consuming a well-rounded diet?
o Are you drug-free, consuming relatively little alcohol?
o Are you getting regular exercise?

Moving on to psychological and emotional factors that need to be tended to on a regular basis, are you:

o Putting the energy out there to maintain an active sex life (or have you gotten lazy)?
o Are you happy with yourself and your life?
o Are you free of sexual disorders and sexual inadequacies?
o Can your sexual self-esteem be described as healthy?
o Are you realistic, but optimistic in your sexual expectations?

When it comes to relationship, social, and general factors to address, it involves being able to respond affirmatively to these statements:

o We have great communication.
o I'm typically not bored with my sex life.
o I'm comfortable revealing my vulnerabilities, including those in the bedroom.
o We can adequately handle desire differences.
o Past abuses involving my sexuality are in check.
o We're skilled and sexually informed lovers.
o We're still attracted to one another.
o We have adequate opportunities for sex.
o We're great when it comes to intimacy management.

Whether or not a component is lacking, all of these factors need to be continually nurtured with self-care, healing and wellness modalities. These components are at the root of sensual fusion and more amazing sex, which can feel pretty dumbfounding given media coverage of sex has, in large part, duped us into thinking that there are special secrets, moves, and techniques that make for better sex.

But, as expounded upon on my newly re-launched website, packed full of sex and relationship information, it simply comes down to how you're taking care of yourself and your relationship, and then building upon that with your titillations.

Being able to do that adeptly -- and then some -- allows for the sensual, sexual fusion that revs up desire, fires up passion, boosts performance, heightens sexual pleasure, and offers sexual satisfaction as you've never known it before.

Whether you need a rescue remedy for your sex life, are yearning to make things spontaneous and exciting, or simply want exhilarating sex as you've never known it, you'll reap the rewards of sensual fusion. It's taking care of these basics that enables a much improved, more joyful and infinitely more satisfying sex life this summer season and beyond.