04/22/2015 02:32 pm ET | Updated Jun 20, 2015

Financial News on Twitter: Who to Follow? Mapping and Ranking the Top 100 Twittersphere Accounts

The good folks at Captain Economics did a great post a couple of weeks back on 'The Economics Twitosphere Top 100 Influential Users'.

We followed up with our own post, Mapping the Financial / Media Twittersphere, an illustration of the Twitter accounts that are most central for financial news.

A network centrality analysis, i.e. finding the people who have the most followers and the most influential followers, is a good starting point if you want to find the stories that are generating the most traction in social media and in the markets.

But there are things network centrality doesn't pick up:


  • Relevance: The @BarackObama issue. There are accounts that are really widely followed but rarely share anything of significance to financial markets. It's also a bit of a @sullydish or @finansakrobat problem, there are accounts that are no longer very active or relevant but still widely followed. For StreetEYE, what people click on, upvote, and retweet is what's relevant. We want to follow the people who tweet that stuff.
  • Non-curators: The @business issue. The core media accounts like @nytimes, @TheEconomist, @WSJ, @FT, @business and @reuters accounts are really widely followed and relevant, but they really don't filter much, they just tweet everything that goes out on the wire. There are some accounts that are awesome and relevant, and widely followed, but they only tweet their own stuff. They don't 'curate' relevant stuff by people outside their own services. Relevant, but not much of a signal as to what's really important.
  • Timeliness: You want people who tweet the relevant stuff early in the propagation cycle, not after everybody's seen it.
  • Information rate: You want people who tweet often, and have a high signal to noise ratio.

Without further ado, here's a map of who we think are the best curators on Twitter. (It's algorithmic, but then the choice of algorithms and inputs is subjective.)

Click to embiggenGraph

The map sorts accounts that are similar/connected. The widely/broadly followed are in the middle, you have a huge chunk of Fed/official related accounts up top, econ types are on the right, a bunch of euro/macro/FX types more toward the top, some Asia/China accounts toward bottom left, some tech on the bottom, the pure stock pickers on the left.

Below is the list of the top 100 accounts, ranked using our relevance algorithm, and then the pure centrality score. You can follow the top 50, updated on a regular basis on the StreetEYE Twitter leaderboard. For a broader list mapped and sorted just by centrality, including all those core financial media accounts, see our previous post.

Please let us know what you think!

Top Twitter Sharer     Combined score  Influence/Followers score
1.@FGoria 72.718.4
2.@JohnLothian 70.58.0
3.@GTCost 65.012.3
4.@Techmeme 64.185.6
5.@MarkThoma 63.738.0
6.@moorehn 62.133.1
7.@HamzeiAnalytics 61.88.7
8.@prchovanec 61.322.8
9.@YanniKouts 60.817.4
10.@ComfortablySmug 60.413.6
11.@pdacosta 60.151.9
12.@TheBubbleBubble 60.011.4
13.@AmyResnick 59.718.5
14.@TheStalwart 59.364.2
15.@JacobWolinsky 59.112.3
16.@Noahpinion 58.534.2
17.@edwardnh 58.427.4
18.@Frances_Coppola 56.726.0
19.@ReformedBroker 56.642.7
20.@EconBrothers 56.48.2
21.@davidmwessel 56.354.5
22.@LaurenLaCapra 56.226.7
23.@hedge_funds 56.06.1
24.@newsycombinator 56.07.8
25.@delong 55.242.7
26.@cate_long 54.920.0
27.@mediagazer 54.785.4
28.@BobBrinker 54.612.7
29.@pmarca 54.579.9
30.@leimer 54.111.6
31.@MadameButcher 54.016.0
32.@M_C_Klein 53.948.2
33.@MichaelKitces 53.89.3
34.@IvanTheK 53.421.7
35.@rcwhalen 53.015.2
36.@MattGoldstein26 52.823.1
37.@modestproposal1 52.518.6
38.@raju 52.230.9
39.@mims 52.223.1
40.@Ian_Fraser 52.115.2
41.@ObsoleteDogma 51.952.2
42.@BarbarianCap 51.515.0
43.@volatilitysmile 51.510.3
44.@mhewson_CMC 51.311.4
45.@elerianm 50.753.6
46.@niubi 50.618.6
47.@firstadopter 50.515.9
48.@wonkmonk_ 50.420.7
49.@MarkYusko 50.316.8
50.@MParekh 50.09.8
51.@MOstwald1 50.08.8
52.@EpicureanDeal 50.027.4
53.@economistmeg 49.729.0
54.@NickTimiraos 49.633.5
55.@shannybasar 49.48.5
56.@azizonomics 49.015.4
57.@DuncanWeldon 48.726.3
58.@DividendMaster 48.710.7
59.@howardlindzon 48.619.4
60.@lindayueh 48.528.2
61.@D_Blanchflower 48.526.6
62.@JournalofValue 48.55.5
63.@sspencer_smb 48.47.4
64.@davewiner 48.410.1
65.@ampressman 48.411.1
66.@ritholtz 48.341.9
67.@SconsetCapital 48.39.1
68.@firoozye 48.210.8
69.@fmanjoo 48.232.1
70.@carlquintanilla 48.229.7
71.@ktbenner 48.226.3
72.@ProfSteveKeen 47.916.0
73.@NickMalkoutzis 47.917.0
74.@tylercowen 47.644.8
75.@meganmurp 47.526.3
76.@MattZeitlin 47.327.1
77.@StockTwits 47.117.7
78.@benedictevans 47.024.5
79.@conorsen 46.821.2
80.@Claudia_Sahm 46.524.3
81.@victorricciardi 46.411.5
82.@robenfarzad 46.314.0
83.@DougKass 46.216.5
84.@greg_ip 46.247.0
85.@JoeSaluzzi 45.912.1
86.@TimHarford 45.640.6
87.@tomgara 45.522.0
88.@mathewi 45.518.1
89.@nasiripour 45.522.9
90.@Kiffmeister 45.49.3
91.@crampell 44.940.1
92.@TimDuy 44.921.2
93.@SimoneFoxman 44.822.8
94.@mercenaryjack 44.68.9
95.@jamessaft 44.615.4
96.@DavidSchawel 44.620.5
97.@danprimack 44.527.7
98.@mileskimball 44.416.5
99.@foxjust 44.339.2
100.@trengriffin 44.217.5