05/14/2015 12:07 pm ET | Updated May 14, 2016

Mental Illness Means You Need to Reinvent Yourself

Managing a serious mental illness is a lifelong endeavor. The main proponent for doing so is the incredible benefit of not being on the streets or in the cold catacombs of a disinfected warehouse for the mentally ill where society would rather see you and me. Another possibility is a jail cell where one could possibly be killed by incompetence, which is something that regularly happens. Either way, managing a serious mental illness benefits every one on each end of the spectrum, but most importantly it benefits you.

Managing an illness is exhaustively difficult given the complications with certain medicines and finding the right one, and other times those funny things such as anosognosia makes you think you're right and every one is wrong. Anosognosia literally means an inability or refusal to recognize a defect or disorder that is clinically evident. It's been proven to be a problem in the seriously mentally ill, especially with schizophrenia.

Anosognosia and finding the right medicines aside, the relevance of managing a mental illness will be the fruit coming forth from understanding that you're still a fighter. After all the doctors, psychiatrists, counselors and everyone that doubted your ability to make your life relevant again you'll have proof in the pudding once you've managed the illness for awhile. You'll have proven them wrong, once again. All the diplomas in the world can't stop you from managing your mental illness and reinventing your life to be you again.

Remember throughout the cycle of life that at multiple points in life everyone has had to reinvent themselves. Look at celebrities such as Vanilla Ice -- he's reinvented himself multiple times and he always comes out a winner. Look at Montel Williams -- he's positioned himself to be a champion for the people and veterans in social media after years spent on a talk show, a talk show he started after being discharged from the Navy. He did all of this while suffering from multiple sclerosis. People reinvent themselves all the time.

Managing a mental illness first and foremost is about reinventing yourself to align with new goals. There is no shame and you've done nothing wrong. All you need is to find peace with the illness, manage it, and reinvent yourself. Change the paradigms of the illness so that you win and the illness can't. It's in you. Find the right medication, stay on it, manage it, reinvent yourself, and come out on top in the fight against whatever ailment you have.