07/09/2012 09:18 am ET Updated Sep 08, 2012

World Summit Youth Award, Lil' MDGs Seek Young Social Entrepreneurs!

As globalization and advancement in modern technology continue to shrink our world, people worldwide -- particularly young people -- are connecting as never before, overcoming cultural, geographical, language and ethnic barriers with ease. Today's younger generation is playing a tremendous role in fighting injustice, as we witness for the first time in human history the emergence of a global youth culture with young people forging an awareness of our existence as a single entity. A select group of amazing young people worldwide have taken this further by playing an important role in leveraging "globalization" by facilitating opportunities for the advancement of human rights.

World Summit Youth Award (WSYA) is currently seeking nominations of these amazing young people working to forward the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to honor in 2012. WSYA selects and promotes the world's best e-content created by young social entrepreneurs from all UN member states. Any youth, 30 or under, who has been involved in a youth initiative producing outstanding digital content towards forwarding the MDGs is eligible to be nominated. This award recognizes young people working to tackle issues in six categories: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease, Education for All, Power 2 Women, Create your Culture, Go Green, and Pursue Truth.

As a jury member and organizing partner of WSYA for the past two years -- a prestigious award recognizing young social entrepreneurs worldwide on a global stage -- I can confidently say that young people honored with this award are leaders who have persevered through challenging circumstances and have found creative and innovative ways to give back to both their local and global communities. I am honored to share with you the inspiring story of Amani Eltunsi, a young woman in Egypt and a 2011 WSYA winner, who co-founded the online Girls Only Radio Station in 2008 to fill a gender gap in media for women. The program started with with a personal loan taken out by the founder, but has since empowered hundreds of girls in several areas. Another WSYA winner, Nikolay Stanev, created Nahrani, a project whose aim is to fight hunger and poverty in Bulgaria. The project provides an avenue for visitors to the website to have fun playing word games, improve their vocabulary, all the while triggering food donations to disadvantaged people in Bulgaria. Amani and Nikolay are young people, like you, who are optimistic and idealistic with an inherent desire to make a difference in the world.

If you know an amazing young person, nominate them for a youth award here today! The jury will honor up to three winners and two runners-up per category. Finalists will be invited to attend and be honored at the 18th World Congress on Information Technology in Montréal, Canada, from October 22-24, 2012. This is an amazing opportunity for young entrepreneurs to network with renowned experts in the field of ICT for development, so don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

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