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You Can't Cut Your Way Out -- You Have to Build Your Way Out

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The American deficit is a consequence of a corrupted economic model that is costing this country jobs and output, which creates a deficit.

However, instead of our political leaders ending corporate communism and releasing our country's entrepreneurs to challenge the world's most expensive health care system, one of the most wasteful energy systems, and dysfunctional investment and education systems -- they accept campaign cash to protect them.

When you have problems like this, the best thing to do is solve them, not run away from them or pretend they don't exist. You do that by building your way out through investment and education. And as scary as it may be for our government to stop protecting the interests that fund them, it's even scarier not to.

The courage and leadership to release innovations and investment on our country's biggest problems could not only eliminate the deficit, but create jobs and make for lower cost, higher quality systems in everything from health care to education to energy to investment.

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