06/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Trump Got It Right About Miss California

Donald Trump did the right, no the only thing, that he could do when he cast his one man vote not to snatch Carrie Prejean's Miss California crown. As this writer has repeatedly argued, he looked at the contract she signed and found she did not violate it. He looked at the semi-nude photos and found they were not objectionable.

Most importantly he looked at her answer to the question about marriage between a man and a woman and found she had a right to answer the way she did. It had nothing to do with whether one agreed with her answer or not. She had a right to give it and no power on Earth had the right to tell her she couldn't.

He reminded the Prejean loathers who developed an ossified case of hysterical political correctness that opinions that they regard as noxious, odious, and toxic are not prosecutable offenses.

The only thing I fault Trump for is not saying one more thing to the obsessive Prejean bash crowd, and that's now move on.

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