What's the South Carolina GOP Going to Say About Michelle the Gorilla Slur

07/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The greatest offense was not South Carolina GOP honcho Rusty DePass's Facebook crack that compared a gorilla that escaped from Columbia, South Carolina Riverbanks Zoo to Michelle Obama's ancestors. The gorilla and African-Americans analogy has long been standard fare in racial slurs of blacks. The only wrinkle to that is slapping the depiction on President Obama. The New York Post some months back created a furor with it. But Obama has been ridiculed with the depiction on a pack of race baiting websites, chat rooms, and in assorted off beat, crude, vile cartoons.

No, the great offense was the mute silence of South Carolina GOP officials, starting with DePass's boss state Attorney General Henry McMaster. But then again, maybe McMaster and State GOP officials took their cue from Depass. He did what celebs, entertainers, and especially GOP politicians have honed to a fine art when they get caught with their racist dirty pants down. They claim they were misquoted, deny they said anything offensive, or simply claim that it was just a joke. DePass took that way out, and then added another twist. He blamed Michelle for it by fibbing and saying that he was only repeating what he heard her say. She said no such thing.

His lame non-apology was apparently as good as any for McMaster and the state's GOP crew. But should it be good enough?

Let's ask the good Attorney General McMaster what he thinks about his underling's Michelle equals a gorilla "joke."

Henry McMaster
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