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FNC's "Fox & Friends" host Steve Doocey did a piece on the "War over the Weather" this morning in advance of Friday's United Nations report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, with guest Sen. James Inhofe, ranking minority member on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (and formerly its highly underqualified chair), so Inhofe could once again hold forth on his views on climate change and global warming, namely, that it's entirely normal and natural and not at all a man-based problem and anyone who suggests otherwise is a nefarious tool of the radical left. For his part, Doocey offered leading questions which also called out the "left wing", creating a segment that was actually not at all unlike an informercial. We pull the clip, you decide:

Incidentally, Inhofe and Doocey are referring to the Weather Channel's new show called "The Climate Code" about global warming. On Sunday night, host Heidi Cullen responded to what was apparently a large volume of complaints about how the weather channel, with the defense that global warming was actually not up for debate, since it was, you know, happening. This is what Doocey wondered was a "political agenda." Inhofe agreed, disgusted with the irresponsibility of this climatologist, wondering if perhaps more base motivations were at play: "What would happen to the Weather Channel's ratings if all the sudden people weren't scared anymore?" Indeed. That wouldn't happen to apply to any other network, now, would it?


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