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Poor Wolf Blitzer, perpetual straight man, mincemeat of Cheney, captive to the whims of whoever happens to be manning the "Situation Room" screens. It's not his fault that he went from a semi-sanctimonious Lou Dobbs to this, and yet:

ETP almost sprayed Diet Coke not once but twice on this clip, once on the watch and again on the disbelieving rewind. (NB: We caught an earlier moment the day of, where Jack Cafferty asked Wolf: "So, Anna Nicole Smith still dead?" and Wolf replied nervously and humorlessly in the affirmative.) Note though that, in making fun of the media for over-covering the Anna Nicole Smith story, Jon Stewart & Co. spent not one not two but THREE separate segments on same, featuring correspondents Rob Riggle, John Oliver, and Jason Jones, barely leaving time to make fun of the "Is Obama Black Enough?" debate with correspondent Larry Wilmore. (All well and good, but, ahem. Daily Show peeps. Give us some honey-haired Samantha Bee, yo.) The interview with Supreme Court scholar Jeffrey Rosen, looking like it might be off to a dry start, got surprisingly giggly and giddy as they started making fun of Scalia, who apparently refers to himself in the third person, and is — shocker! — something of a bully. (Stewart: "Scalia's a dick!"). Is there anything cuter than watching a law professor get excited over his subject matter? Aw.

p.s. Speaking of being giddy and giggly, could Stewart/Colbert have been more excited about their geeky Howard Roark joke? Personally, I would have found it more effective had Colbert been standing naked on the edge of a cliff, but that's just me.

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