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Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly, for whom the mere existence of pre-eclampsia and ectopic pregnancies constitutes "spin", is many things--mainly an idle millionaire teevee celebrity who won't stop complaining ever. Nevertheless, O'Reilly can take pride in the fact that he has apparently set a new standard. And we're using the loosest possible definition of "standard."

An Indiana University study has found that O'Reilly uses derogatory language once every 6.8 seconds. That's nine instances each minute! And that does not include the moments where he sighs disdainfully or merely affects a pained expression. No, no: those are value adds, and, taken as a whole, make the average phone message from Alec Baldwin look like a gauzy Hallmark card by comparison. As Mike Conway, assistant professor of journalism at IU states: O'Reilly is "...very big into calling people names, and he's very big into glittering generalities."

Wha-huh? They glitter? Uhm...o-kay. It should be noted that these findings are related only to the "Talking Points Memo" of the show, but even still, his frequency of disparagement is a full-tilt fusillade of effete scorn. And IU has got, like, CHARTS AND GRAPHS to prove it. And if you need to find a "downfall of Western civilization" angle, here it is: "A 2005 Annenberg Public Policy Center survey found that while 30 percent of Americans viewed Washington Post and Watergate reporter Bob Woodward as a journalist, 40 percent of respondents considered O'Reilly to be a journalist."

"He's not very subtle," added Conway, angling to get his research cross-published in the Quarterly Journal of the Totally Freaking Obvious.

Commentator uses name-calling more than once every seven seconds in 'Talking Points Memo' [Indiana University Media Relations]

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