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Picky Eater? How To Still Get Your Nutrients

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I've never been a picky eater. Even as a child, I gleefully ate yogurt, wheat germ, broccoli ... even liverwurst! And that's a good thing, because eating a wide variety of whole foods is key to good nutrition. But what about people who flat out hate certain foods?

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Are you getting enough of the nutrients your body needs? Unless you’re savvy about the different nutrients in food, you might be missing out. Most Americans are not meeting the recommended intake for several micronutrients, according to the 2010 report from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (the folks who convene every five years to look at how Americans are eating and tell us how to eat better.) The biggest shortfalls? Vitamin D, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber.

To make sure you’re not among the nutrient-deficient, check out the following list. Hate the most common food source? Try eating some of the alternatives to meet your needs.

How To Get The Nutrients You Need When There Are Some Foods You Don't Eat
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By Kerri-Ann Jennings

Kerri-Ann Jennings

Kerri-Ann, a registered dietitian, is the associate editor of nutrition for EatingWell magazine, where she puts her master's degree in nutrition from Columbia University to work writing and editing news about nutrition, health and food trends. In her free time, Kerri-Ann likes to practice yoga, hike, cook and bake.

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