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HuffPo Food Crossover: Economy Bites & Big Girls Small Kitchen!

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Welcome to the first of two episodes we shot with the lovely ladies from Big Girls Small Kitchen (did you miss the adorable promo? See it here!). We put together two episodes with these gals because each has a specialty. Phoebe, today's guest star, focuses her talents on savory dishes while Cara, who you'll meet next week, is the dessert guru. Both equally as yummy and equally as deserving of their own episode!

The dish on today's show is a fusion of our two styles: Economical gourmet! Also - it has a funny name: fish meatballs! Fish balls! HAHAH! See, told you!

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I have to say - I was PLEASANTLY surprised at the combination of the fishballs and the spicy red pepper sauce. The balls are seriously tasty, not at all fishy, and the sauce is spicy and smooth. MMMM I'm salivating!

One tiny note about the recipe - which you can find at BGSK's site or on their post on HuffPo this week - we do a whole lot of food processor work in this episode, but if you don't have one, fear not. You can do all that chopping by hand. It might take longer, but it can be done!

Thanks to Phoebe for coming and cooking with us. We had a blast!!

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