Recession Recipe: Chicken and Rice Casserole (Video)

04/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Episode 19 - Chicken and Rice Casserole. Dishes like the one I make in this video are the cornerstone of the Economy Bites philosophy. They're homey, easy to make, pretty healthy and certainly refrigerator ready. I also like that this dish is malleable. You could add lots of things to the dish...and I suppose you could subtract things too - like the bacon - although I don't think you should. It wouldn't be prudent.

OK - that might be it. I don't have any real notes because this recipe is very straight-forward. Actually, maybe that is my note: this is a great beginner recipe for those looking to make baby steps into the world of cooking. You can't really mess up chicken and rice, especially if you follow my easy-peasy-mac-and-cheesy instructions. OK, I'M DONE NOW!

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