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Watch Weezer and Test Your Viral Video IQ

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If you haven’t seen "Pork and Beans", the new music video from alt-rockers Weezer, you should watch it right now. And as you do, see how many Internet personalities and characters you recognize.

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If you can count the viral video characters you recognize on one hand or less, you’re way out of touch.

If you can identify at least 20 of the Internet personalities included therein, you’re doing good. (If you are already referring to those Internet personalities as Internet memes, you’re doing great.)

If you caught the recent episode of South Park in which Cartman and his buddies made a music video, visited the Department of Internet Money to collect their Theoretical Internet Dollars and found themselves waiting in a long line behind animated versions of well-known viral video entities, you’re at a distinct advantage.

A couple of weeks ago, while all eyes were on the season finales of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, Weezer quietly launched "Pork and Beans", inciting an immediate debate among Internet users. Was the band celebrating the people and characters featured in the video or was it mocking them?

What’s to debate? Pork and Beans is genius.  If this video doesn’t make you smile little else will.

Apparently the memes themselves weren’t complaining. In fact, a number of them, including Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa Guy), Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone), Mark Allen Hicks (Afro Ninja) and dipsy Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton, actually appear in new footage shot specifically for Pork and Beans.

You’ll also see the Eepybird (Diet Cokes and Mentos), Sneezing Panda, Dramatic Stare Gopher, the Dancing Banana (It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time) and Ghyslain Raza (Star Wars Kid) flash by, all in happy sync with Weezer’s bouncy tune.

How many memes can you identify?

(For great viral videos not featured in "Pork and Beans", hit up our TV Maven.)


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