A Love Letter To My Muses

10/24/2011 11:23 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

People always ask me why I chose to go into fashion and what satisfies me about this career. I always answer that it is the client relations...I love women.

I grew up outside a dressing room, my older sister (12 years age difference) was my muse. Teaching me patience and compassion, she told me not to make fun of the girls in school because these girls will blossom into swans and she was right.

Now, I make a living as a stylist which could also be part therapist. I get the opportunity to dress amazing women and learn a little from each one...I know insecurities about their body, the image they aspire to, the work they've had done, or maybe something personal like a scar they choose to cover and the story behind the mark.

One afternoon I lucky enough to sit on a fitting room floor for hours with Marissa Berenson and learned the importance of telling a story about the look and where it would go, what reaction to expect...something she said her friend Halston would do.

I had countless times in a fitting room with Donna Karan and saw a tilt in her head meant something wasn't right so I'd quickly fix my gaze on the mirror to see what she saw before she perfected it.

Goldie Hawn taught me about balance and the changes women encounter as they age so she gave me her theory for dressing herself. She was a dancer at a young age so has had a body awareness her entire life, a tip from her such as the balance of working out to stay toned but not over compensating to the point of looking masculine is one I find endearing...she always is amazing.

I love these women and many that don't have a recognizable name but are every bit as fierce. I used to keep pin ups of women I idolized and wanted to dress on my bulletin board at work as a wish list. Many came true: Iman, Arianna Huffington, Tina Knowles, First Ladies, CEO's, women of substance and beauty.

And there was the lesson I learned from Maria Cuomo Cole when she asked me for a white tuxedo and I returned with what I thought was a white tuxedo. She said in the most elegant tone "No, it is yellow, i need white." Upon closer inspection, yes there was a yellow hue, only the most trained eye would notice...attention to detail is my job and I had failed.

I have worked with Fiona Cibani-admiring her strength and elegance under the most grueling travel schedule. She is able to jump from country to country, language to language having time zones blur but never letting it show (catching only the slightest glimpse of stress when she thought she might miss a flight half way around the world to attend her daughters graduation...of course she was on time.)

From Diana Ross, I learned no matter how famous a woman is that she might still be modest or shy in the dressing room and I have no right to barge in and expect to be in control. Never one to arrive with an entourage or an attitude, I found her to be so sweet and sensitive. Thank you Ms. Ross!

I adore these women and applaud the multi-tasking that would break most men...this blog is my love letter and thank you for letting me sit outside your dressing room and share these moments.