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Edible Radio Episode 89 Victual Reality: Ashley Atkinson and Annie Novak

Posted: 06/ 3/11 11:07 AM ET


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Victual Reality, the podcast about food politics, is hosted by Tom Philpott. Tom's guests today are Ashley Atkinson and Annie Novak.

Ashley Atkinson and Annie Novak are two of the most dynamic forces in U.S. urban agriculture today. Ashley, 31, is the director of urban agriculture and project development for Greening of Detroit, which provides a broad array of support to the city's nearly 1,200 registered vegetable gardens. These gardens range from single-family plots to community and school gardens to 37 market gardens, which are business enterprises that sell their goods at farmers' markets.

Annie, 27, helped found Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is proving that New York City's bountiful supply of rooftops represent plenty of, well, land for possible food production; and Growing Chefs, an educational program linking kids to to the field and kitchen.

In this edition of Victual Reality, Ashley and Annie break down some of the finer points of urban ag and where it's headed.

Edible Radio Episode 89 Victual Reality: Ashley Atkinson and Annie Novak.


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