10/29/2009 05:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

People With Marker On Their Faces: Children Vs. Criminals

Is it funnier when a child has marker on its face or when a criminal has marker on his face? I don't know--they're both so incredibly great. Let's take a look:


These are the two would-be burglars from earlier this week who chose to color on their faces with magic marker instead of wearing masks, and were subsequently caught because of all the marker on their faces. Lesson: Don't steal!


And then here's this child, who could not be improved upon in any way. Hard to choose! But I will choose: Winner: Child.


On the other hand, who even knows what's up with this guy, this amazing guy, other than he got arrested for marijuana possession, which, yes, makes sense.


But then there's this kid, who doesn't even have marker on his face, and yet he still blows everyone else out of the water, except for his amazing dog. And for the other kid with marker on its face. Such amazing kids with markers! Anyway, Winner: Child.

Winner: Children
. Case dismissed!