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Larry Strauss


The Big Snooze (High Stakes Testing and the Low Stakes Mentality)

Larry Strauss | Posted July 31, 2012

"Please do your best," I say. "Please don't make me look bad." That one is their favorite -- and why shouldn't it be? It empowers them as do few aspects of their education.
Joel Shatzky


Educating for Democracy: Nobel Prizes Are Not Just Surprises

Joel Shatzky | Posted July 31, 2012

In the past almost seventy years, no less than twenty-six Nobel Laureates have been educated in New York City schools: only three were products of private schools.
Mattias Wallander


School's Out! (But Recycling Is Forever)

Mattias Wallander | Posted July 31, 2012

Schools are the ideal environments to teach life-long recycling habits to kids at a crucial moment of their development. These are habits that kids will bring home to their families, encourage their friends, and eventually stay with them for a lifetime.
Allie Kimmel


Race to the Top Round Three: Can We Avoid the Implementation Troubles of the First Two Rounds?

Allie Kimmel | Posted September 14, 2012

Districts and unions can agree that personalizing learning is integral to improving our education system. Therefore, districts should not try to circumvent union power, but instead should include unions in the planning and application processes.
Jody Huckaby


Cultivating Respect: Safe Schools for All

Jody Huckaby | Posted July 31, 2012

For too many of our children, attending school can be a frightening experience. As parents, families, friends, and allies we need to do something to make schools safer for ALL students.
David Katz, M.D.


Unjunking Ourselves!

David Katz, M.D. | Posted July 31, 2012

We are, no doubt, all familiar with the expression "you are what you eat," but given how most of us eat, it's quite clear we don't take it very seriously.
Karl Giberson, Ph.D


Mythologizing Evolution

Karl Giberson, Ph.D | Posted July 31, 2012

Most people today see the Scopes Trial as a simple confrontation between superstitious hillbillies who rallied around a great buffoon, William Jennings Bryan, and a great and open-minded science teacher. Bryan was certainly wrong about evolution. But he was not a buffoon.
Dennis Danziger


A Murder of Crows

Dennis Danziger | Posted July 31, 2012

Recently I attended a college graduation party for a former student I taught at Palisades Charter High School. When a fellow guest learned that I left PCHS to teach at Venice High School, he blanched.
Fred Bauer


A New "American System"

Fred Bauer | Posted July 31, 2012

The "American System" has the following insight: The American economy cannot flourish over the long term with merely the financial and resource extraction sectors. American prosperity was built upon the nurturing of human capital.
Paul Wisenthal


Mentoring the Young and the Risky

Paul Wisenthal | Posted July 31, 2012

Annually, millions of young people 17 and under fall below the poverty line. A staggering 60 percent of all inner-city high school students drop out before graduation.
Tony Phillips


School Board Votes to Stop Caring About Test Scores

Tony Phillips | Posted July 31, 2012

So the intermediate Gatsby is, as it turns out, not Gatsby at all -- it's something 67-pages long that panders to possessors of feeble vocabularies, probably the types of kids who vomit before standardized tests.
Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie


Jon Stewart Is Hilarious but No Teacher of Religion

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie | Posted July 31, 2012

It is a real a stretch to see Stewart as a teacher of religion. True, his interviews on religious matters, as on everything else, are always civil. But the fact is that while he avoids anger and bitterness, his jokes and skits on religion have a mocking, dismissive tone.
C. M. Rubin


The Global Search for Education: A View From Germany

C. M. Rubin | Posted July 31, 2012

When schooling starts for poor children at kindergarten or first grade they have already missed out on vital opportunities to develop skills needed to help them thrive academically, socially, physically and emotionally in their early years of learning.
Joe Calder


A Youth-Led Movement

Joe Calder | Posted July 31, 2012

The implicit message they carry transcends education reform -- it suggests that student-led reform is entirely possible. The idea itself is enough to revolutionize American education policy for years to come.
Phil Donahue


One of Nature's Most Fascinating Dramas

Phil Donahue | Posted July 31, 2012

My brain caught fire the moment I first saw a Purple Martin, fluttering like a humming bird, diving like an osprey and performing eye-popping aerial maneuvers beyond the imagination of the world's best ballet dancers. What in the world are they doing up there?