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C. M. Rubin


The Global Search for Education: More on Cheating

C. M. Rubin | Posted October 5, 2012

After reading Howard Gardner's article, Harvard's Cheating Scandal as a Play in Four Acts, and listening to Dr. Gardner and Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant on 90.9 WBUR Radio Boston, I was curious to find out more about Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant's research on academic integrity.
Randy Turner


Random Drug Testing of Students Sends the Wrong Message

Randy Turner | Posted October 4, 2012

The good intentions of those who have formulated such policies across the U.S., including the school district where I teach, cannot be questioned. They know that drugs are a significant problem with today's youth. Random testing is not the answer.
Rob Watson


A Gay Dad Sound Off on Bullying Prevention Awareness Month and Rescuing Bullied Teens

Rob Watson | Posted October 4, 2012

I am calling for the formation of groups of "Rainbow Berets" within schools. These would be concerned peer groups that would stand up to the circumstances that inspire bullying. They would be visible in their schools and would serve as safe confidants.
Bill Bigelow


This Columbus Day... Time to Break the Silence

Bill Bigelow | Posted October 4, 2012

Corporate textbooks and children's biographies of Columbus are filled with misinformation. After all, Columbus did not merely "discover," he took over.
Teach Plus


Teachers Respond to the Presidential Debate

Teach Plus | Posted October 4, 2012

Unfortunately, last night's presidential debate offered little in the way of education policy talk. It was encouraging, however, to hear both candidates identify the declining state of our public education system as an economic policy.
Stuart Chaifetz


Bullying Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Stuart Chaifetz | Posted October 4, 2012

"Have a good day at school." Such an innocent, innocuous phrase, yet last year when I said that to my son, Akian, when the school bus arrived in the morning, it sent him into a spiraling panic.
Lydia Dobyns


An Uncommon Path to Common Core Implementation

Lydia Dobyns | Posted October 4, 2012

School districts everywhere have a daunting and exciting road ahead. It would be a shame not to seize this opportunity to tie Deeper Learning to the CCSS, and truly re-imagine teaching and learning.
Irene Monroe


A Month to Begin Anti-Bullying

Irene Monroe | Posted October 4, 2012

Anti-gay bullying truncates a child's academic ability to excel. And the cost, while immediately about the child, is an equally greater cost to us as a society down the road. Anti-gay bullying is not to be endured or tolerated. It must be stopped by us all.
Michaela Pommells


Education Reform is Impossible Without Addressing Racism

Michaela Pommells | Posted October 4, 2012

I'm tired of talking about education reform. Tired of yapping with other "reformers" who are trying to figure it all out. I'm done. I'm throwing in the towel. But this doesn't mean I will let my lips turn blue from silence; I'm taking my rant to the picket lines.
Jason Stanford


The Texas Anti-Testing Revolution

Jason Stanford | Posted October 4, 2012

High-stakes testing has radicalized Texas soccer moms, including a state chapter of the opt-out movement in which parents of elementary school students defy state law and refuse to submit their children to the tests.
Nancy Rappaport


A Mindful Approach to Parent Conflict

Nancy Rappaport | Posted October 4, 2012

In my 20 years of working with schools, I have discovered several steps that school officials can take to deescalate potential confrontations when parents come in breathing fire. I have seen patterns of communication that are troubling, but not too hard to fix.
Rev. Al Sharpton


50 Years of Progress Should Not Be Erased With One Ruling

Rev. Al Sharpton | Posted October 4, 2012

We cannot allow 50 years of progress since the day James Meredith enrolled in the University of Mississippi to be erased with one ruling. Far too much is at stake for us to remain silent.
Lecester Johnson


How Adult Education Can Help Close the Skills Gap

Lecester Johnson | Posted October 4, 2012

The new GED test has the potential to leave thousands of D.C. adults behind. The price of the GED will effectively make it inaccessible for those who need it the most: low-income and low-skilled adults.
Tracy Baim


LGBT 101: Chicago Legacy Project Launches

Tracy Baim | Posted October 4, 2012

On Oct. 11 in Chicago, The Legacy Project (TLP) is taking one giant step forward to help educate all people, including LGBT youth, about the pioneers who came before them. TLP has created The Legacy Walk, a public display of plaques on the North Halsted Street rainbow pylons.
Dan Mulhern


Help Your Teen Beat the Midterm Blues

Dan Mulhern | Posted October 4, 2012

Autumn can be beautiful but it its natural challenges approach: Shorter days, falling leaves, hints of cold. Now's a good time to (a) see the energy drop; (b) interpret it for those who need to keep moving; and (c) shape a clear, well-marked path for the work ahead.
Joseph Amodeo


Will Your Catholic Parish Stand Up Against Bullying?

Joseph Amodeo | Posted October 4, 2012

This request is not political; rather, this is a request for displayed compassion that will allow LGBT youth to know they are loved and created in the image of God.
Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder


A 'Victim's' Account

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder | Posted October 4, 2012

More and more in the public square are actions and language indicative of scapegoating, gulling, and victimization.
Rob Furman


Unions -- Good or Bad for Education?

Rob Furman | Posted October 4, 2012

If we, as a society, valued teachers and what they do, they would be compensated justly for their value. Administrators would treat their teachers as a valued commodity in their community.
Rabbi Jacob Elisha Fine


Killing Our Living Waters: Sukkot's Water Judgment (VIDEO)

Rabbi Jacob Elisha Fine | Posted October 4, 2012

We are living in a day when rain is often a curse. Both through absence and through excess, rain is bringing death. In our generation, Sukkot is an opportunity to wake up to the damage we are doing to the Living Waters.
Steve Rhode


American Households Sinking in Student Loan Debt Says Pew Research Center

Steve Rhode | Posted October 4, 2012

It is not unreasonable to forecast a time when segments of our population will simply not be able to afford education at all, effectively dumping them into positions of low paying servitude.
Steven Culbertson


Young People Who Serve Have Right to be Heard This Election

Steven Culbertson | Posted October 4, 2012

Young people are volunteering and serving their communities at record rates -- and they deserve the right to ask candidates questions, and to be engaged in this election.
Judy Bolton-Fasman


My Nest

Judy Bolton-Fasman | Posted October 5, 2012

An optimist sees the glass half-full. A pessimist sees the glass half-empty. An opportunist drinks the water. Not all that coincidentally, these describe the various emotional states of my half-occupied nest.