Senator Burr must act to save 4,500 North Carolina jobs

08/02/2010 11:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sounded an important alarm this weekend saying:

"I'm desperately concerned about hundreds of teachers being laid off as we head into the fall."

I'm concerned about this too - and urge Senator Burr to take action today. The Senate will vote Monday on an amendment that would provide $300 million to North Carolina that will go to directly saving teacher jobs. All in all, that will amount to 4,500 educators being saved and keeping our schools running for another year.

The funds are completely paid for - offset by cuts that do not add to the deficit.

If they fail to approve this, those educators will lose their jobs and students will face bigger class sizes and big cuts in summer school programs. Failure to approve these funds would be breaking a fundamental promise between the American youth and our government - a promise that a high-quality education is a right, not a privilege. There is no reason for anyone - let alone Senator Burr - to oppose this amendment.

It is 100% paid for, saves jobs, and helps to secure the future of our youth.

I urge the Senate to approve the amendment, and call on all of you to call the Senate and tell your Senator to vote yea on the funding. Here is the switchboard number:

(202) 224-3121

Thank you,