01/25/2011 02:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Nannies for Rahm


Photo by Lynn Murphy

I have a great job. I am a nanny. I work for the Murphys - a liberal Chicago family who have a huge appreciation for the arts and who treat me more like a friend of the family than an employee. You should be jealous.

I picked up Amelia, 10, at her school and we began our trek home. During our commute I asked her, "Did you hear about Rahm?" In Amelia's house the name "Rahm" is constantly being thrown around by her parents, and her two older brothers.

Amelia replied, "I know that he isn't being put on the ballad, but that's it." Ah yes, the ballad, also known as the ballot. Still I was very impressed that she knew the meaning of the word.

We arrived home to commotion. Aidan, the most outspoken 12-year-old Democrat I've ever met, was running around in the background putting on his socks as their mother, Lynn, met us at the door and said, "Aidan and I are going to the Rahm Rally. If Amelia gets her homework done by 4:30, you all can go too." While Amelia unpacked her neon pink backpack, I explained how important it was that we go to the Rahm Rally. She nodded her head and we dove into multiplication tables.

At 4:45 pm we all jumped into a cab and made our way downtown to Dearborn and Washington. When we pointed out the many of news vans that along the entire street, Aidan warned Lynn and I before we got out of the cab that we better not embarrass him. We walked up to crowds where there were people handing out "Rahm for Mayor" signs. We each grabbed one and joined in on the chants "Let Rahm Run!" and "Let Us Choose!" I picked up Amelia so she could see the podium. Numerous Rahm supporters were coming up and ramping up the crowd. Amelia then asked me, "If so many people like Rahm, why isn't he allowed to be mayor?" Good question, Amelia.

After 45 minutes of exciting chanting, cheering and listening, the Rally for Rahm came to an end. Lynn looked at us and said, "All right, time to go home and finish homework." She was right. Aidan and Amelia protested that they wanted to march to headquarters with the rest of the crowd. Before we three even realized it, Lynn had already hailed a cab.

Over her chicken noodle soup, Amelia shared that she couldn't wait to tell the kids at school about how awesome it was that she went to the Rally for Rahm. And I realized that I couldn't wait to tell my friends how awesome it was that I went to the Rally for Rahm... with the family that I nanny for.