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Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

Buying a glue gun changed the course of my life. What small action could change yours?

The Problem: It was the early 90's. I didn't like the glitter goop hair accessories I saw in the stores. Since I have a massive amount of hair I needed some gizmo to corral at least some of it.

The Solution: I bought a glue gun and silk flowers. I glued them on the barrette. Wearing that barrette transformed my unruly mess of hair in to a garden of curls. A top boutique owner saw me wearing my homemade barrette. She liked it, bought it and sold $1000 of them in the first week. Within six months that same piece was featured in Women's Wear Daily. An afternoon craft project turned into a company called Elizabeth Davidson Design. I started the company with $17 and a glue gun. It grew to $1.5 million in retail sales in four years.

Like millions of others around the planet becoming an entrepreneur recast the shape my life.

The Point: An enterprising person solves problems. My story illustrates that even a very small solution to a very small problem can be the seed of a business. In the current economy there are many problems that are in need of solution.

What's In It For You: Having an idea and taking a small action has the power to change your life. You have the power to take an action that can make a huge difference. What is a problem that you see a solution for? What good idea have you been sitting on? Is there a market for that solution? How do you get started? How do you solve the problems along the way?

This may be the week your life changes.

It is Global Entrepreneurship Week. This week is a global celebration to ignite and fan the enterprising spirit.

In 85 countries around the world millions of people are coming together to with the intention of connecting, mentoring, and engaging the next wave of new entrepreneurs. Unleashing Ideas is sponsored by The The Kauffmann Foundation, the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship.

Here are a few of the projects that are happening this week around the world.

Are you a new entrepreneur?

My bet is that you are.

Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus is betting that you are.

If you doubt that you have the skills or ability to become a small business owner what this video. As Yunus says, "We are all entrepreneurs.....Some lucky ones find out. Human beings are endowed with endless potential. Most don't get to unwrap the gift that they carry with them." Many Americans doubt that they have the training necessary to become entrepreneurs. The case study he shares will give you courage to implement an idea.

Take an hour this week to unwrap the gift inside of you and plug into one of the Global Entrepreneurship Week events. If you have an idea, challenge or problem you want to explore please share it in the comments or shoot me an email.

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Eli Davidson is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and executive coach. Her book, "Funky to Fabulous: Surefire Success Stories for the Savvy, Sassy and Swamped", (Oak Grove Publishing) has won three national book awards. Eli is a reinvention catalyst, who can transform your professional and personal life from Funky to Fabulous with her ten, trademarked Turnaround Techniques that create rapid and remarkable results. Check out her blog at
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