How to Clear the Mind Clutter and Follow Your Intuition

09/23/2010 11:59 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
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I just got off the phone with Dr. Oz because of this column. Susan Wagner at "The Dr. Oz Show" had been introduced to my work to help viewers implement the show's information and reinvent their heath habits. She writes a heck of a blog! It inspired me to begin taking a morning Happy Walk before I begin my day. I needed to follow up on a segment idea.

I'm back from my Happy Walk and was grinding the beans for my morning coffee when I heard, "Call Susan now. Right now," said the little voice in my head.

"Geez, can't I have my coffee first?" said the devoted caffeine lover.

"How serious are you about helping people have better lives?" my not-so-small voice retorted.

"Got it!" My GPS had never been that direct with me.

I dialed the phone -- pronto.

Susan picked up on the first ring. "I am never at my desk," she said.
Those in the world of TV production know that picking up the phone and getting the senior producer of a hit show on the first ring is a mini miracle.

So, this was how my intuition helped me. Before 8 a.m. and my first cup of coffee; your Inner Smarts are just as savvy any time of day.

You, my friend are smarter than you think. That is ... if you let yourself. You don't have to go to a class or read a book or my columns. (Although I am thrilled that you take the time that you could be spending eating Cool Whip or knitting and spend it with me ... thank you!)

Your body and intuition are whispering or hollering at you all the time. Sometimes we listen. Sometimes we don't. Here's what Huffington Post commenter marcmanieri had to say about my most recent blog "Your Body Means Business." "This must be why I got an upset stomach for a year while in the company of my then girlfriend in college ... definitely missed the signals!" Marcmanieri, it takes courage and can look somewhat kooky to follow your inner guide.

The Get Smart Fast Formula 1.0
To ... You

That is the Big You. Not the mamby pamby mind chatter part. If you need help quieting your mind please go and check out my friends Ed and Deb Shapiro's great column and fabulous book "Be the Change" Be smart. Check out the information. Here are the experiences of some other wonderful readers.

Dr. Valencia Ray's example could make just about anyone want to check in with their intuition. Boy, there was astonishing wisdom and inspiration in the comments this week. I was dazzled by the outrageous success Valencia Ray experienced. If you thought quieting your mind was a waste of time ... read on!

"How has intuition helped me? Let me count the ways ... too many to list. Speaking of intuition, and reinvention, using intuition and then applying my intellect in taking the necessary inspired action, I sold my successful medical/surgical practice for the exact amount I intuitively knew was win-win, with no negotiating, and no advertising - cash - and the PERFECT physician was introduced to me with a single intuitively directed phone call. I'll skip all the details, but the story of the power of intuition was demonstrated impressively here enough that John Assaraf published the details in his book "The Complete Vision Board Kit."

Revelation In Aisle Six
Dr. Ray's intuition example may be so profound that it seems unreachable for other folks. I loved what Beth A. Grant had to say. "A few years ago, I had a revelation that amazed me: I was about to go to the office supplies store to buy a dozen of those big, fat binders, when I heard my voice in my head say, "Don't buy those today." I listened, although I was a bit confused, and the next day when I went to work, someone came by my office with a box full of fat binders and said, "I was just going to throw these away ... do you want them?"

Office supplies may not be earth-shattering, but the realization that my intuition speaks to me all day in all situations, was! Since then, I have learned how to hear it. The most important step in hearing it is creating in the moment awareness, and the cheapest and easiest way to do this is developing a practice of meditation.

It's Complicated
If you are alive, connected and live in an urban area like me, your life may be pretty complicated. I've been coaching Joan and Melissa Rivers on their new TV show. Just like with you, there is way more to do than time to do it. At times like these I find I can get caught up in the blur of busy. When you are dashing about it's easy to override listening to your body. I know this firsthand. Those few minutes to check in can save hours! If you are new to this or haven't been checking in with you, you haven't been listening to yourself deeply.

Here's a question that will cut through the mind chatter and get you more in touch with your deeper knowing:

"What am I pretending not to know?"
What is really important? What are you tolerating? What do you need to do ... and aren't? My pre-coffee call gives a heads up that your gut can give you a big boost. So, in your life, are you listening? If you don't listen to you, why would anyone else? Are you ignoring your stomach pain...or putting off buying the big fat files on aisle six?

In either case you already know what's best.

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