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09/09/2010 03:52 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
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A wave of recent research revolves around the premise that your gut is smarter than your head. In our newer more complex world tapping into your deeper intelligence is a key to avoiding pitfalls and taking what is necessary to make a quantum leap.

Over the last few month's I've unplugged in order to dive into the mechanics of what makes the ground fertile for a big change. It is fascinating to see the most innovative organizations recognize that the best choices involve more than rational deliberation. (Women, of course, have known this for millennia.)

A Big Wig's Big Payoff

George Soros is one of the top investment managers in the world. His 32 percent annual return has earned him legendary status as a trader and speculator. Just imagine--if you had invested $1,000 in his Quantum Fund when he started in 1969, you would have found yourself worth $4 million by 2001. Dang! I wish I had.

George looks over the same financial data, statistics and market analysis as his competitors. What is his secret weapon? Listening to the intelligence of what I refer to as the town inside George's body. George-ville. Yep. In his autobiography, Soros on Soros, he writes about listening to the brilliance of his back pain. Whenever he felt a twinge in his lower back, he knew something was "off" in his portfolio. He would stop whatever he was doing, assess his strategies, figure out which investment was not productive, and correct it. George honored the advice of his body so deeply that he wouldn't allow himself to be disturbed while he was following his back pain's cues.

Why not take a few seconds to listen to your own early warning system?

If you think of your gut as a sort of radar, you will understand why airplanes use it and why you should too. Like George, you can have access to more of your own intelligence if you give it your attention.

A Country Western Song Waiting to Happen

Learning how to un-think and listen to your inner smarts is one of the best things you can do for yourself when it comes to relationships, too. Studies show that 82 percent of communication is nonverbal. Studies show that we form opinions about other people in less than three seconds. Those conclusions may be right or wrong decisions. You might assess them and ignore it anyway. Or you might make rash choice in three seconds and regret it later. Perhaps there's a new guy in your life. So what if he has been the town bad boy for years? He's cute. He's a good kisser. Who cares? Well, maybe he's saying all the right things, but have you noticed the tiny, icy pang in your stomach? Listen up! Your body signals may be telling you that Mr. Wonderful is actually a Country Western Song Waiting to Happen.

In a business context you need to check things out with your gut as well as your mind.

1. First Is Always Best

First impressions are really important (and often, always right). The biggest mistake folks make is second guessing their gut. Let yourself really honor that first impression. Sure, things can be changed if you feel like taking another look. Don't ignore your feelings if they are strongly negative.

2. When In Doubt Check It Out

The turbulent times we live in seems to be bringing scam artists. A underhanded-real estate agent approached our family about selling a property. It never 'felt' right to me. After doing some digging we discovered that the carrot he was swinging in front of our noses was actually rotten.

3. Push The Pause Button

Your intuition is a hard worker. But it works on it's own time zone. Don't rush your gut.
This morning I was getting ready for a meeting with an attorney. Since I just moved I needed to juggle that lunch with a meeting with the Gas company. I kept having the feeling that the lunch wasn't going to happen. This made no logical sense. We had confirmed an hour earlier.
I took some extra time before I left the house. Lo and behold the attorney called to say he wasn't feeling well and needed to cancel. Not going to that meeting saved me at least two hours of wasted time today.

How has listening to your intuition helped you?

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