12/07/2012 09:19 am ET Updated Sep 10, 2013

Dorito Dusting: Here's How To Season Food Like A 9-Year-Old

A few months ago the concept of 'Dorito Dust' made its way around the web pretty steadily. The basic idea involved a strong pepper grinder filled with your favorite flavor of chips. The result? A food hack that seems to have originated straight out the mind of a 9-year-old. A hungry, crafty, flavor-seeking 9-year-old.

While the initial image that floated around the web (see below) featured a pack of Cool Ranch Doritos, we figured there were plenty of other chip options that could pose some amazing flavor combinations. Flamin' Hot Cheetos-dust for your mac and cheese? How about some Spicy Nacho Doritos for those bland green beans? The possibilities were endless.

The results of our giddiness? Buying a rack of salt shakers, a variety pack of chips, and stocking up on our own custom seasoning for the rest of the year.



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